MWT polycrystalline battery technology has made important progress

MWT polycrystalline battery technology has made important progress

Recently, the reporter learned from Yangzhou University, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, led by Yang Zhanjun, an associate professor of the university, has made important progress in key technologies for efficient back-passivation of MWT polycrystalline cells. The technology has dual advantages of high efficiency and low cost, and its large-scale application and development will likely change the current pattern of the entire PV market.

According to reports, MWT back contact cell technology is the use of laser drilling, the back of the wiring technology, eliminating the front electrode of the main gate line. The current collected by the fine grid of the front electrode is led to the back through the silver paste in the hole, so that the positive and negative electrode points of the battery are distributed on the back of the cell, effectively reducing the light shielding of the front grid line, improving the conversion efficiency and reducing The loss of silver paste and minority recombination losses at the metal electrode-emitter interface.

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