Reformation of compressed air in grinding wastewater tank

Reformation of compressed air in grinding wastewater tank

Technology Forum Grinding Wastewater Pool Compressed Air Outage Reconstruction Wang Xuebo Zhang Shenglin Chang Zengliang (Henan Ancai High-Tech Co., Ltd., Anyang 455000, Henan Province) has stopped the compressed air in the grinding wastewater tank and saved a lot of electric energy.

1 Introduction to the status of grinding wastewater treatment Ancai High-Tech Co., Ltd. produced a large amount of grinding wastewater in the production process of glass bulb. Its main component is SiO 2 , and a small amount of A1AfeOfeAMiO, CaO, W), cea and oil. In order to save water and meet environmental requirements, wastewater is recycled after treatment. The process of grinding wastewater treatment system adopts chemical physics method, that is, purification process of j Kun condensation, reaction, sedimentation and filtration. The precipitated sludge is concentrated and dehydrated after being transported by concentrated tank, and PAC (basic chlorine) needs to be added in the wastewater treatment process. Aluminum) and PAM Dai Chuanfang. Water Supply and Drainage Design Manual M, Volume 1 Beijing National Construction Industry Publishing Liang Wenyao. Water Supply and Drainage Design Manual Network Book 4 Beijing National Construction Industry Publishing Liu Xirong. Anyang CPT bulb company B3 building XI building compressed air piping system diagram.

The Water-submersible Pump is an important equipment which is widely used in the deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in urban and mining enterprises. The design of the modified product is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the motor and pump work together in the water. It has the characteristics of small noise, long life, small volume, reliable operation, high operation efficiency and convenient installation and maintenance.

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