2016 commercial vehicle market high horsepower high-end heavy truck popular

2016 commercial vehicle market high horsepower high-end heavy truck popular

The heavy truck market is the “wind direction indicator” of the country’s macroeconomic and economic laws and regulations; the “barometer” of the national economy; the “thermometer” of the people’s livelihood, and the trend of the heavy truck market, precisely reflecting the macro and microeconomic environment of the year. Bad, fast and slow.

High-horsepower tractor market segmentation popular high-end heavy truck <br> <br> with the social market segmentation "Thirteen Five" period is getting smaller, will increase promote the rapid development of transportation logistics. In particular, the amended GB1589 mandatory national standard has expanded the truck's load quality and vehicle dimensions. The amount of goods that a truck pulls at a time will increase, and the overload situation may completely change. In addition, the technology of suspension and transportation and car networking will be perfected day by day, and the problem of asymmetric logistics information will be solved gradually. What follows is the demand for centralized logistics transportation. Sub-market efficient logistics vehicles will become the mainstream. At the same time, this year's tractor exports may also increase opportunities.

It is expected that the sales of low-end heavy-duty trucks will decline in 2016, and the high-end and high-end products will show a rapid upward trend. The high-end models all have high horsepower, multiple gears, small speed ratios, more electronic configurations, and distinctive features. , high comfort and so on. Such as the Fukuda Daimler Auman GTL Super Edition and other high-end tractors will continue to play a leading role in the increasingly quest for efficient and rapid road transport, will usher in the era of large horsepower tractor, is expected in the next few years, also A number of cutting-edge products will be released on the market.

Big horsepower and high-end products show a rapid rise

Auman GTL Super Edition equipped with Cummins ISG super power, with 132mm large bore, maximum torque 2300N.m, high horsepower, large displacement, strong power, quick start, quick acceleration, fast climbing, adapt to a variety of road conditions Adopt NanonetTM patented filtration technology, wet cylinder liner design, can not only ensure good engine cooling, but also ensure the stability of the cylinder liner, to avoid deformation of the engine cylinder liner, blew oil on the lower helium, prevent the oil from accelerating the oxidation and pollution of the oil. Deterioration; the use of oil slow release agent to reduce oxidation, and ultimately achieve the longest maintenance cycle of 100,000 kilometers. The operating cost savings are about 9,000 yuan/year/car, which fully enhances the user's operating efficiency, increases the operating income of the user, and fully meets the needs of users for heavy-duty high-end models.

Along the way to stimulate exports <br> <br> dump truck Auman GTL9 department dump truck, using the standard flat top floor of the cab, vehicle external dimensions of length / 10900x width / 2495x height 3750mm, wheelbase is 1800 base +4300+1350mm. In addition, the car is driven by an 8x4 drive. Moreover, this model is equipped with Cummins ISGe4-400 engine, 12L displacement, 400 horsepower, maximum torque of 2100 Nm.

Auman GTL9 Dump Truck

As the "Belt and Road" strategy advances in one of the Chinese dreams, it may stimulate the export of engineering dump trucks. "The state now emphasizes 'capacity cooperation, production output,' and the 'Belt and Road' initiative will stimulate multilateral economic and trade exchanges, which will in turn help the development of logistics around railways and ports and boost the demand for logistics transportation vehicles.

At the same time, as the elimination of yellow-label vehicles will continue to increase, this will create market demand for the subdivision of port tractors, trucks, and muck trucks. In addition, the international strategic policies of heavy trucks going out and the large demand for military vehicles will directly or indirectly stimulate heavy trucks.

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