High-efficiency electrification is the trend of automotive air-conditioning technology

High-efficiency electrification is the trend of automotive air-conditioning technology

"13th Five-Year Plan", energy-saving emission reduction and light weight are the development priorities of the automotive air-conditioning industry.

The most important energy-saving and efficient automotive air conditioning

“At present, the entire automotive air-conditioning industry is at a low-speed development stage. Among them, the influence of self-owned brands is greater than that of foreign brands.” Yu Yuanjun, former secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Air Conditioning, told reporters that due to the deceleration of the entire automotive industry, the car The air-conditioning industry is also affected. The self-branded air-conditioning companies should upgrade their industries as soon as possible to achieve healthy development. "Made in China 2025" clearly pointed out the strategic objectives for the development of energy-saving and new energy auto industry. Among them, in terms of energy-saving cars, by 2020, the overall fuel consumption of new passenger cars will drop to 5 liters/100 kilometers. By 2020, the consumption of new vehicles for commercial vehicles will approach the international advanced level. Yu Yuanjun stated that the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” as the first five-year plan of the “Made in China 2025” five-year plan, energy conservation and consumption reduction will not be delayed, and the reduction of vehicle fuel consumption should be achieved from all parts and components, and the automotive air-conditioning system should also be Reduce the vehicle fuel consumption to contribute.

According to Yuan Jun, it is estimated that by 2020, the contribution of the air-conditioning system to the fuel economy of the vehicle will be 0.2 L/100 km to 0.3 L/100 km oil. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Yu Yuanjun said that the air-conditioning system should be upgraded from the following three aspects: First, compressors should be controlled by external variable-displacement compressors; at the same time, micro-channel efficient radiators should be used; high-efficiency and energy-saving fans must also be upgraded.

In short, high-efficiency air-conditioning is getting more and more attention, the United States, the European Union and Japan are doing relatively early in the efficient air-conditioning, so independent brands must also accelerate the research and application of energy-efficient air-conditioning, and strive to reach the international advanced level in this regard as soon as possible.

Talking about the issue of air-conditioning energy-saving and high-efficiency technology development, Wei Changhua, general manager of Air Conditioning Division of Jiangsu Chaoli Group pointed out that Super Force uses a regenerative heat exchanger to make the low temperature and low pressure at the outlet of the condenser at the high temperature, high pressure refrigerant and evaporator. The refrigerant exchanges heat in the double-walled pipe to improve the refrigeration performance. At the same time, it cooperates with the compressor company to develop an external-controlled variable displacement compressor and control system. The oil separator will be added to the compressor to reduce the compression in the refrigerant. Lubricants, thereby improving the air conditioning and refrigeration performance.

Traditional car heating uses engine heating, and heating is insufficient in cold regions. Therefore, Superpower combined with cooling, defrosting and other needs to develop internal and external gas control strategies to improve and enhance comfort and energy-saving effects.

Air conditioning has become the focus of development of electric <br> <br> new energy automotive industry is booming, match the new energy automotive air-conditioning system has become the focus of future development of many air conditioning companies. “One of the important routes for the development of automotive air conditioners in the future is the electrification of air conditioners, and its electricization will also develop in many directions.” Qian Yonggui, general manager of Nanjing Aotejia New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters.

Qian Yonggui explained that, first of all, new energy vehicles naturally use electric air-conditioners; secondly, traditional cars will also face the need to continuously raise energy-saving levels. Enabling start-stop systems can increase energy-saving levels and require electric-powered air-conditioning. Third, truck air-conditioning is needed. Electric, when the truck is at rest, the engine is turned off and the electric air conditioner is used, which can greatly save the fuel consumption. Finally, the passenger car air conditioner is electrified. The passenger car multi-zone electric air conditioner can open a temperature zone or multiple temperatures according to the number of passengers on demand. District can be precisely controlled to avoid wasting fuel.

In addition to the popularization of high-efficiency air-conditioners on multiple models, the motorization of automotive air conditioners has to be further improved in technology. Wei Changhua believes that the currently used R134a refrigerant has a small unit volume refrigeration capacity, a high boiling point, and a low evaporation pressure at low temperatures, which limits the improvement of energy efficiency and the development of low-temperature heating. Therefore, the development of an energy-efficient medium-to-high-temperature refrigerant has become a trend in the development of electric vehicle air conditioners. The new refrigerant R410a compressor has a small displacement and adopts an electronic expansion valve. The pressure resistance performance needs to be increased by about 37%. "With the development of new energy technologies, the thermal management of automotive air-conditioning systems and automotive power (engines, batteries, and motors, etc.) systems will be deeply integrated. Automotive air-conditioning companies will further develop the vehicle thermal management systems." Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioning Hou Yuguang, deputy general manager of the company said.

The development trend of the automotive air-conditioning industry during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period aimed at the development of new products has become clear. Automotive air-conditioning companies are also preparing to develop related products and systems.

Wei Changhua said that at present, the mileage of new energy vehicles has become the focus of public attention, and its air conditioning as a large consumer of electricity, improve energy efficiency has become the primary task of electric vehicle air conditioning. In order to save energy, Super Force has developed PWM (pulse width modulation power controller) to control the high efficiency heat exchanger and battery thermal system of air-conditioner blower and brushless air-conditioner blower, which can be used for energy saving of vehicles and ensure new technologies for new energy vehicles. upgrade.

In order to meet the needs of the "13th Five-Year" new energy vehicle and solve the problem of poor energy consumption ratio of heat pump air-conditioning in alpine regions, Chao Li has cooperated with foreign institutions to promote research and development of heat pump air-conditioning systems and components suitable for use in cold regions.

For future solutions for air-conditioning heating of electric vehicles, the products given by Altgeor are heat pump type electric compressors. Qian Yonggui said that the current heating of electric vehicles using PTC heating is a big consumer of electric vehicles. Heating air conditioners in winter have a great impact on the continued operation of electric vehicles. The special heat pump type electric compressor developed by Autotech can maintain the heat even when the outside temperature reaches -15°C, which improves the driving range. Its “Key Technology Development and Application of High-efficiency Electric Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) Compressor for Automotive” won the “2015 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award”.

Hou Yuguang stated that with the promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles, Yuxin will also firmly seize the opportunity to develop new energy vehicles in cooperation with “Electric Coffee” and will focus on the development of new types of air conditioners (heat pump air conditioners, etc.) and power (batteries, motors Etc.) Thermal management and key thermal components, and actively expanding remote intelligent control and diagnostic products based on vehicle thermal systems and air purification technologies. Based on this, Yuxin provides its customers with a total solution for the thermal system of the vehicle.

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