New Territories Pump Industry: Pump business grows steadily and environmental protection business is actively promoted

New Territories Pump Industry: Pump business grows steadily and environmental protection business is actively promoted

The New Territories Pump Industry is the leading enterprise for agricultural water pumps (motors). We established a strategy of combining multiple businesses such as agricultural water pumps, domestic water pumps, sewage treatment, and environmental protection, and actively involved in domestic water pumps and sewage treatment projects to achieve certain results. The relative improvement of the external operating environment and the company’s internal sound operations have laid a solid foundation for the growth of the New Zealand pump industry, which has achieved more than 20% growth over the years.

Environmental protection business is an important aspect of the pump industry in the New Territories. As the company’s new growth pole, it has been highly valued by the management in its strategy. In the short term, the major driving forces of the environmental protection business are sewage treatment projects and sewage pump development and production. In 2012, the company completed the acquisition of Zhejiang Bohua Environmental Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. and its intention to build the company's environmental protection business platform is still very obvious. At present, the integration work of Bohua Environment Co., Ltd. has progressed smoothly. On the basis of λ, Bohua Environment has focused the sewage treatment project as the focal point of δ's work, and it has exerted the greatest coordinating effect with the New Territories shares, driving its sewage pump sales.

The five-water joint treatment of “drainage, sewage treatment, water supply protection, flood control, and water conservation” proposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government has brought new opportunities for the company's sewage treatment business. This year's budget for “five-water joint treatment” is estimated to be around 68 billion yuan, of which, the largest investment in the treatment of sewage, the company as a well-known pump company in Zhejiang Province, a larger benefit from the Zhejiang water movement is also reasonable.

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