Teach you how to choose a reliable paint shop with paint room

Teach you how to choose a reliable paint shop with paint room

Driving a small scraper is inevitable. It is very scary but it's very scary. It's also worried about the color difference. It's really awkward to fix it. Here's how to tell you how to distinguish repair quality of spray paint shop and how to check paint quality.

Judging from the hardware:

Paint booth/spray booth In order to isolate and reduce airborne particles, it is necessary to have a relatively independent, sealed painting booth. A qualified paint shop must have at least one independent space. Paint room / spray paint room.

The vast majority of cars now use metallic paint, and paint booths can evenly heat the paint and dry it quickly according to the technician's settings. At the same time, paint booths can insulate the paint from pollution caused by external dust and other pollutants. The time efficiency of the paint treatment.

The brand paint brand paint can not only brighter colors, but also have strong adhesion. Under normal circumstances, there will be no blistering and shedding. The hardness of the paint film is also high. Some cheap brand-name paints will appear dark and peel off after a period of time after painting, and the hardness of the paint film is also relatively low.

At present, more mainstream domestic paint brands SIKKENS, PPG, SPIES, DuPont and ICI paint.

It is worth mentioning that most oil paints are currently used in the market, and more environmentally-friendly water paints appear only in individual businesses due to cost constraints. Water-based paints are the current trend, and oil paints will gradually be eliminated in the future.

However, you don’t need to worry about the difference. For the painting effect and quality, there is basically no difference between water-based paint and traditional oil-based paint.

The use of a dry mill for grinding has become a trend in dry mills. The traditional hand-grinding process is time consuming, labor-intensive and has a general effect. However, the use of a dry mill can not only increase the efficiency, but also improve the quality of the machine's sanding.

At the same time, the dry mill is also more environmentally friendly, because the water mill process will produce a lot of sewage, and if there is no reasonable and effective recovery, it will also cause water pollution.

The paint adjuster is the paint formula stored in the computer after scanning the original paint surface color, according to the paint formulation shows the color composition and weight, the technician then fine-tuning the color and finally determine the color pattern consistent A sexual workflow.

It should be noted that the computer adjustment paint may not be very accurate, and manual adjustments are still required after scanning. Due to the different ages of the vehicles, there will be slight changes in the color of the vehicle body. Even in the same car, there will be color differences, even inconsistent colors of the car body due to the continuous repair of the vehicle, these require the technician to compare the paint sample and the body color on site.

Therefore, fine-tuning is the most critical part of computer paint, and the technician's grasp of technology also determines the final accuracy of the color.

How to check the finish quality after painting?

Many friends like to throw the car directly to the repair shop or the 4S shop. No matter how they get it, pick up the car and look at it in a circle. Little do they know that after the paint is repaired, the quality of the paint must be carefully checked. Spotted problems can also be found on the spot, if there is a problem after the discovery of the problem, there is no way to complain.

Hand touch: check the flatness of the paint, paint thickness is uniform.

Slip back with hands: check the smoothness of the paint. After using a high standard paint finish, the paint should be smooth, free of rough surfaces, and oil pits.

Observe from all angles: Some oil pits, sand marks, etc. that are not easily found must be observed from multiple angles to be easily found. If this happens, you must ask the merchant for rework.

Observe under the sunlight: Because the paint contains a lot of bright powder particles, so it is not easy to find the color difference in the indoor or cloudy, but in the sun can clearly observe whether the color difference is obvious.

Manufacturer CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Steel Plates

Model NO.: TPLD2020
Precision: High Precision
Certification: CE, ISO 9001
Condition: New
Functions: Drilling, Milling, Tapping
Max. Size: 2000X2000mm
Max. Drilling Diameter: 50mm
Drilling Spindle: Bt50
Max. Drilling Thickness: 250mm
Drilling Speed: 120-560 Rpm
Axis: 3
Clamping Type: T Slot with Tooling
Control System: Siemens or Fagor
Lubrication: Automatic Lubrication System
Trademark: SUNRISE CNC
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Specification: 55 CBM
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The machine is the automatic special Drilling Machine for steel plates/connection plates, mainly in the field of angle steel tower industry, structure storage facilities, and steel structure construction industries etc.

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Tpld2020 Manufacturer CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Steel Plates

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Tpld2020 Manufacturer CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Steel Plates

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Tpld2020 Manufacturer CNC Drilling and Milling Machine for Steel Plates

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