Favorites! Ground photovoltaic power plant 29 technical requirements

Favorites! Ground photovoltaic power plant 29 technical requirements

1. PV modules using "horizontal" arrangement.

2. Photovoltaic steel support with front and back legs, column without C-beam.

3. The photovoltaic panel support foundation should be based on geological survey report to determine the optimal way, pile spacing should take 1.2m ~ 1.5m.

4. DC conductor selection of PV-specific DC wire, minimize losses, using up and down sub-divided wiring.

5. Optimize the junction box wiring, minimize the cable channel.

6. DC combiner box need to add DC signal module, surge protector.

7. The composition ratio according to the local irradiation resources and power rationing comprehensively determined, in principle, not less than 1.1: 1

Box base change floor above 500mm.

9. Change the box to inverter contact cable with three-core cable.

10.35kV maximum current collection line does not exceed 10MW.

11. Intranet communication using ring network.

12. Cable connector with shrink.

13. Box junction box wiring terminal to be attached with copper, to meet the field wiring requirements.

14. Assemble the anti-reverse diode in the combiner box, the inverter side is not installed.

15.SVG with buck, capacity by 12Mvar considerations.

16.35kV intelligent monitoring and control devices, live display devices to be installed on the switch cabinet door.

17.35kV distribution device at the bottom of the cable tunnel layout cable, in 35kV distribution room set manhole into the cable tunnel.

18. The need to step up the pressure booster station grounding, switch station grounding to meet the power grid can be used arc suppression coil or resistance grounding.

19. The PV modules are grounded and cut off by grounding flat bar, and both ends of the PV modules must be reliably grounded.

20. The ground of conventional ground station components is not less than 500mm from the ground where weeds grow, and the rest is not less than 400mm.

21. The anti-PID components are used in the photovoltaic components such as the coastal areas with serious pollution, the anti-PID configuration is adopted in the inverter, and the fouling-resistant equipment is adopted in all the electrical equipment.

22. Steel brackets to meet the structural requirements to increase the thickness of the wall thickness and corrosion resistance of galvanized steel can also be used FRP bracket.

23. Distribution building set 35kV distribution room, low-voltage station with power distribution room, centralized control room (area not less than 40m2, using 300mm overhead raised floor), secondary equipment room (using 300mm overhead raised floor), tool room, rest room.

24. Comprehensive building capacity by 12 people to consider (a general manager, a deputy general manager, 10 operating personnel), need to set up a general manager's office, a deputy general manager's office, a public office, a Large conference room, 1 activity room (about 50m2), 1 data room, 1 spare room, 1 kitchen, 1 small dining room, 5 double dorms (including separate bathroom), 1 general manager dormitory (including independent Bathroom), a deputy general manager quarters (including independent health), an independent bathroom.

25. booster station, comprehensive building area with cement roads, the main road width of 6m, and set the parking lot location, site area with gravel road.

26. The photovoltaic field fencing fence with a wire (total height of not less than 1.8m, the bottom of the ground is not more than 150mm), booster station, the integrated building area using the lower 500mm high solid wall, the upper part of the iron, the total height is not low Fence at 2.2m.

27. HVAC heating equipment using electric radiation.

28. Each inverter corner set up cast light, light direction to the corresponding box change area.

29. Inverter should be arranged with the central square area, next to the road.

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