·Zhongtai Auto personnel change Su Jinhe - may or will leave recently

·Zhongtai Auto personnel change Su Jinhe - may or will leave recently

In the context of the unsatisfactory development of independent brands last year, Zotye Motors went against the trend. In 2014, a total of 166,000 new vehicles were sold, an increase of 20.48% year-on-year. Of these, only the Zhongtai T600 sold 64,000 units. Just as Zhongtai Automobile developed upwards, the news of Su Jinhe, the general manager of Hunan Jiangnan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhongtai Holding Group, was reported to have left in the company recently, and his own letter of resignation has appeared in the network.
Su Jinhe said: "In consideration of career planning and life pursuit, I left Zhongtai Automobile in June 2015. This is a normal personnel change. Because the relevant information was not released in time, the friends in the automobile industry and the media friends have different recognition. I am apologetic to know that I have even been misunderstood or affected the reputation of Zotye Motors. I hereby declare the following:
Zhongtai Automobile is a very respectable national enterprise. It has culture, ideals, foundation and responsibility. I believe that such a “four-owned enterprise” will inevitably have a more brilliant future. Joining Zotye is the most proud choice for me in this life. I will always be grateful and continue to spare no effort to safeguard the honor and all interests of Zotye. Zotye will soon launch several new models that are highly competitive in the market, and I will still contribute to the waste heat;
As a professional manager, ethics is the supreme law. I agreed with Zhongtai Auto before leaving the company: the core technical team of Zhongtai New Energy Vehicle is not changed, the core management of the core positions is always moving, the strategy of new product development and market operation is unchanged. The layout has no change, this commitment has been practiced so far, and everyone is welcome to supervise;
Shaanxi Automobile Tongjia is an automobile enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacture and sales of mini vehicles, pickup trucks and SUVs. It has complete automobile production qualification, product sequence and technical team and marketing team. Especially in the field of new energy vehicles, Shaanxi Auto Tongjia has a good foundation. The Fujia series of pure electric micro-cars with completely independent intellectual property rights will be available in 2011. It is the earliest mass-produced and market-oriented new energy automobile products in China, and another A new model that has been under research for nearly 2 years will be put into production in the near future.
Misunderstanding is inevitable. Communication is a must. Everyone's career must go through all kinds of hardships and difficulties to accumulate the power of change. Every choice may be the road to change. I hope everyone understands and supports it. I love cars and am determined to fight for my life. At the same time, I am loyal to the heart, to the public, to morality. ”
At present, Zotye has formed four product lines including Z series (car series), T series (SUV series), E series (new energy series) and other series. The market is selling a total of 12 models. Considering that Zotye's delivery pace is somewhat slow, the company can only achieve revenue by digesting cash products.
Since last year, Zhongtai Auto has started to operate franchise and direct sales stores, and let the first-level agent dealers specialize in direct sales stores. Restricting the sales brand to only Zhongtai, the improvement of service quality will enable the user group to enjoy the first-class 4S shop service function. Zhongtai Auto regards the county-level market as the blue ocean zone, including joint venture brands. The big brands have not brought the real service functions and 4S functions to the county-level cities, and the Zhongtai Auto, which maintains this marketing thinking, has a long future. There is a way to go, which is what Jin Jinyong needs to consider.

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