New nano-scale solar cell energy conversion level than traditional materials to enhance 40%

New nano-scale solar cell energy conversion level than traditional materials to enhance 40%

According to foreign media reports, a research team led by scientist Jeremy Munday of the University of Maryland Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed a new type of nano-scale solar cells that outperform traditional solar panels and convert more energy than current photovoltaics (Photovoltaics ) Solar cell technology is up 40%. Solar cells made of nanowire materials can achieve a 42% energy conversion rate, compared to a typical 33% conversion limit for photovoltaic materials, a report released in the journal Nature.

The typical solar conversion efficiency limit, the so-called Shockley-Queisser Limit, has been a bottleneck in solar cell efficiency. The current conversion limit for conventional PV-sensitive materials is typically around 33%. Nano The use of wire materials may increase the conversion efficiency limit by a few percentage points over a single nano-scale solar cell made from nanowires. The development of solar cells, the use of nanowires based solar energy and global energy development have a significant impact.

In addition to the dramatic increase in conversion efficiency, nanostructured solar cells can allow cells to be made smaller and the efficiency of solar panels by combining these nanoscale materials will go far beyond conventional photovoltaic materials. However, scientific experts said that the current nano-wire material is still difficult to mass-scale production.

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