Which types and characteristics are there in the aerial vehicles?

Which types and characteristics are there in the aerial vehicles?

As a special operation model, aerial working vehicles can be divided into four basic forms: telescopic arm type (straight arm type), folded arm type (boom type), vertical lift type, and hybrid type. . Further detailed classification can be divided into scissor lift trucks, self-propelled hydraulic lifting platforms, telescopic boom-type aerial vehicles, boom-type aerial work vehicles, sets of cylinder-type aerial work vehicles.

Since there are so many categories, how do they work? What are their characteristics? Which operating conditions are suitable for use? The above term is too professional. Friends who may not have contact with it will feel that this concept is still very vague. We will illustrate the following for everyone:

Scissor lift truck

Scissor lift trucks are one of the most widely used special equipment for aerial work. Its scissors mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have a high stability, a large working platform and a high carrying capacity, which makes the work scope of aerial work larger and suitable for many people to work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer.

Self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform

ZSJY series self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform's main features are: the use of personnel can control the machinery to go up and down without going down the lift table, control equipment can be run on the table to other workplaces. The device itself has a walking and steering drive function, no manual traction, no external power supply. It is an ideal aerial work equipment for efficient and safe production of modern enterprises.

Telescopic aerial work platform

The telescopic aerial work platform is a product that can serve high-altitude operations, equipment installation, overhaul and other movable aerial work in various industries. Telescopic aerial work platforms are mainly divided into straight arm type aerial work platforms and bent arm type aerial work platforms. It is mostly used in places with high requirements, such as shipyards. Such machines are safe, easy to move, but costly.

Rocker type aerial work vehicle

The boom-type aerial work vehicle is easy to move and has a compact boom structure. The new high-quality steel is used for high strength and light weight. It can be directly connected to AC or powered by the vehicle's own power. The erection speed is high, and the boom can be raised. It can also be extended, it can also be rotated 360 degrees, easy to reach the working position across obstacles, is an ideal high-altitude equipment.

Set of cylinder type aerial vehicles

The cylinder-type aerial work vehicle is a multi-purpose aerial work machine, and its function conveys the operating personnel and the platform on which the equipment is used to the special engineering equipment at a specified altitude for aerial operations. This equipment is widely used in high-altitude operations such as industrial and mining workshops, high halls, warehouses, stations, and plazas.

At present, the special high-altitude trucks in Suizhou mainly produce boom-type aerial work trucks. This type of vehicle has a large market demand. The vehicle has a simple structure and is stable and safe to operate. It is also the most common high-altitude truck currently on the market.

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