Clear water source water purification machine Gansu region hot investment

Clear water source water purification machine Gansu region hot investment

Healthy water is essential for a healthy life, but with the development of the economy, water pollution has been aggravated, and it has had a bad influence. The emergence of a clear water source water purifier has solved this problem and has brought tremendous business opportunities. . Select the blue water source water purifier to join the project, unlimited profit space.

Beijing Bishuiyuan Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding company under the Bishuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. ( stock code: 300070) . It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, marketing and service of household and commercial water purification equipment. It has strong strength and is a clear water source water purifier. Franchisees make money without worry.

Bishuiyuan has the world's largest and first-class membrane R&D and production base, with an annual production capacity of 3.5 million square meters of microfiltration membranes and 1.5 million square meters of ultrafiltration membranes, and an R&D base for reverse osmosis membranes with an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters. .

The company has established a complete quality assurance system: it has passed the three major management system certifications of “ISO9001 Quality Management Certification System, IS014001 Environmental Management Certification System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ” , which provides guarantee for worry-free entrepreneurship of the blue water source water purifier franchisees. .

The company has officially passed the WQA American Water Quality Association certification, and won many honors such as the top ten well-known water purification brands and the most influential companies in the water purification industry. As the world's leading manufacturer of membrane products, Clearwater's core water purification technology is at the leading international level.

Bishui source water purifier join advantage

1 , product advantages

Bishui source water purifier strictly follows the clear water source “ accepting social responsibility and building ecological civilization ” business development concept, adheres to independent research and development, self-innovation, product molds are developed by themselves, compared with similar products, the product has unique charm, fully embodies intelligent, Humanized, personalized and artistic. Bishui source water purifier franchise products have a strong product appeal and influence.

2 , price advantage

Own technology, independent research and development, good supplier relations, self-manufacturing This is the guarantee of the cost advantages of the clear water source water purifier, and the popularization of the market positioning and the concept of value-added service to the customer are the embodiment of the clear water source product price advantage. Compared with similar brand products, Bishui source water purifier franchise product price advantage is very prominent.

3 , service advantages

Clearwater's global service network and professional service team are also the basic guarantees of Bishuiyuan's service advantages. The “ Quality Service, Beyond Expectation ” service concept of the Blue Water source water purifier franchise will allow consumers to experience the supreme quality service of the Clearwater source brand.

Bishui source water purifier joined support

1. Competitive pricing policies, the company provides competitive prices for the clear water source water purifier franchisees ;

2. The market protection policy of the signing region shall ensure that the franchisee’s market interests are not affected ;

3 , the brand image of the construction support policy for the clear water source water purifier franchisee to provide brand building advertising costs and material support ;

4. Market development and network construction support, providing programs and materials support for investment promotion activities ;

5 , promotional activities support policy, to provide clear water source water purifiers franchisee professional guidance and activities of goods support ;

6. Provide long-term marketing and technical training to provide a variety of training materials and training methods for the clear water source water purifier franchisees ;

7 , to provide the necessary design for free operation, according to the needs of the market to provide design ;

8. There are various forms of promotions throughout the year, providing free programs and articles for the clear water source water purifier franchisees ;

9 , free water source water purifier franchisee management system software, with agents management regional distribution network ;

10 , There are monthly, quarterly, annual sales incentive policy, and share the sales results with the clear water source water purifier franchisee.

In the course of development, Bishui source water purifiers continuously innovate and continue to break through, with a number of patented technologies, clean water resources, beautify the family life, and are trusted. Blue water source water purifier join project, Chaoyang industry, the prospect is endless, look forward to your joining.


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