Soil Moisture Monitoring System Realizes Real-time Management of Crop Water Information

Soil Moisture Monitoring System Realizes Real-time Management of Crop Water Information

The effect of soil moisture on the growth and development of crops is very significant, and the final result is a direct impact on the crop yield. Therefore, the use of soil moisture monitoring systems to achieve soil moisture detection and irrigation forecast is important for guiding agricultural drought relief and timely irrigation. The role can also achieve real-time management of crop water information, strengthen the intensive management of water resources and increase the efficiency of water use, and promote the development of water-saving agriculture.

Soil moisture monitoring system

The soil moisture monitoring system is a new type of agricultural precision operating system. It uses advanced information and control engineering technologies such as modern sensing technology, data fusion processing technology, computer embedded technology, and computer network communication technology to effectively solve soil and The environment interferes with the excessive interference of crop water use information collection, as well as multi-point and location monitoring of soil profile moisture collection, realizing the real-time management of water use information.
The importance of soil moisture monitoring in agriculture is self-evident, and it has always been an important part of agricultural production. This is because soil moisture monitoring is the most important basic work for the scientific management of water resources, rational use of water resources, and decision-making for drought relief, and it has a very big relationship with agricultural production. However, the process of soil moisture changes in the field is not only related to the soil properties, but also relates to the exchange of moisture between the root layer and the outside world, precipitation, irrigation, transpiration, and the moisture flux at the lower boundary of the root layer, etc., and the transpiration and moisture flux at the lower boundary of the root layer. There are complex nonlinear relationships between factors such as soil moisture, and soil water changes are more complex. Therefore, soil moisture detection and irrigation forecasting are also difficult issues in water-saving agriculture and precision irrigation research. The development of science and technology has spawned scientific instruments such as soil moisture monitoring systems, which can be used to monitor soil moisture and can compensate for the deficiencies of traditional manual monitoring. Based on the data information collected in real time, crop water usage can be judged, which is conducive to capturing The timing of irrigation provides an important basis for the management of water-saving irrigation and precision irrigation decisions in irrigation areas.

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