What is the role of purge flow meter in daily life

What is the role of purge flow meter in daily life

Safety production has long been a popular point of view. Therefore, various flow meters are used in many fields of life to conduct scientific tests, among which the purge flow meter is a relatively common one. With regard to its practical application advantages and related functions, here's a closer look.

In fact, in many processing areas for flow detection, the use of various flow meters is relatively common, but in order to pursue safety in production, it is still constantly looking for the best performance flow meter. Therefore, before choosing the best, it is best to understand the use of purge flow meters in daily life.

The purge flowmeter is a safe and reliable flowmeter with accurate measurement, which can well monitor the flow and exclude unsafe factors to ensure safe operation. Today, such flow meters have been widely used in petroleum refining, chemical, steel, chemical fertilizers, chemical fiber textiles and other industries to bring better help to life services.

In current life applications, the purge flowmeter also works well with other flowmeters to form a flow purging device to achieve flow measurement and ensure constant flow output. This further perfects the measurement system, and the measurement data is more accurate, providing better help for safe construction. Therefore, when using such flowmeter equipment, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge in many aspects and understand the corresponding operating principles so as to bring about better service.

Air Conditioner

Wide application in hotel, commercial building

Air Conditioner. It refers to the process of adjusting and controlling the parameters such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and speed of the ambient air in the building/structure by manual means.

Generally include cold source / heat source equipment, hot and cold medium distribution system, terminals other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes pumps, fans and piping systems. The terminals are responsible for utilizing the cooling air or heating air from the main air cooled chiller or Water Cooled Chiller, specifically processing the air and temperature of target environment to meet the requirement.

The main spare parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve.

It includes:

1. Residential Air Conditioner. Such as wall mounted split unit, Ducted Split Unit , floor standing and cassette unit with small cooling capacity 12000BTU, 18000BTU, 24000BTU, 36000BTU, 48000BTU and 60000BTU. This type air conditioner usually used for residential use.

2. Commercial Air Conditioner. Such as Air to air Rooftop Packaged Unit, Air cooled chiller, Water cooled chiller, Industrial chiller and terminals like Air handling unit and Fan Coil unit. Mainly used for commercial building and some project.

DX Type Rooftop Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

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