Save time with Karyou and “Dr. Mobil” is on your side

Save time with Karyou and “Dr. Mobil” is on your side

On May 15th, 2017, the "You control your oil, and you're proud of the world" jointly organized by Exxon Mobil and China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., kicked off the 2017 China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Product High-Efficiency Fuel-Saving Live Challenge in Chengdu. At the scene of the competition, a special figure attracted the attention of the audience and the media. He is a veteran technician “Dr. Mei Furun” Xu Wuxiong.

Professional support hot interaction

"The weather is getting hotter and the maintenance cycle for truck engines, tires, oil and machine filters need to be adjusted?"

"Is it a good idea to climb a steep slope with a heavy load?

"How much speed is the most fuel-efficient? Is it slowly refueling, or is it urgently fueling or slowing?"

Live interaction Live interaction

Facing the questions from the contestants and drivers, the experienced teacher Xu answered the questions one by one. From basic knowledge to the daily maintenance of truck parts and engines, from the use of lubricants and authentication methods to the safety fuel-saving driving operations, Xu teachers help patient drivers to establish a correct road safety concept through patient guidance. Clarified many misunderstandings in routine maintenance.

Answer card friend question Answer card friend question

At the time of departure, Mr. Xu Wuxiong also remembered the pre-trip checks that the driver must pay attention to: whether the engine oil and the oil filter need to be replaced; whether the oil level in the engine lubrication system is appropriate or not; the shift operating mechanism and the brake Whether the connection of the system is in place; whether the degree of tire wear and tire pressure is normal; whether the tire tread pattern is consistent; especially the inspection of the engine and the exhaust gas exhaust system is particularly important for the player's fuel-saving performance.

Xu Wuxiong, an experienced teacher, is obviously prepared. He “classifies measures to local conditions” and categorizes the 30-year car repair experience into categories. He has “personally customized” multiple sets of maintenance plans and suggestions for different geographical environment and delivery experience. . In the interactive session of the live broadcast, Xu teacher enthusiastically interacted with the card readers watching the live broadcast, and the atmosphere was high. Facing the “old drivers” of trucks for many years, Dr. Xu also took part in the discussion with the friends of the card group to discuss safe driving skills and fuel-saving experience, plan driving routes, plan reasonable delivery time, and provide drivers with a “sale of all the way”. Suggestions.

The appearance of Dr. Mobil Run surprised the on-the-spot card members and was full of rewards. The on-site drivers’ masters have expressed their hope that in the future, they will have more opportunities to communicate with Dr. Mei Furun and learn about the courier truck maintenance. In the face of everyone's enthusiasm, Mr. Xu and everyone agreed that in the next fuel-saving challenge races and even the finals, they will come to discuss with others.

New communication bridge stems from constant attention

In this fuel-efficient competition platform, Mobil Blackhead has established a brand-new communication bridge with Cardmate for the first time through “Dr. Mei Furun”. This is due to a deep understanding of the current status of domestic card-friends. According to a market survey, more than 80% of truck drivers across the country are unable to identify authentic accessories, and believe that they have purchased counterfeit and inferior oil products and accessories account for nearly 90%.

Truck drivers need relevant companies to announce reliable channels for product purchases. They also hope that experts will come forward and use system and simple expressions to help card readers establish correct product awareness, maintenance awareness and fuel-saving concepts. The image of Dr. Mei Furun was eagerly supported by on-site drivers, which is a powerful manifestation of this current demand.

Mobil Blackhead knows the needs of its card friends and is always committed to truly solving the most pressing issues of its card friends through high-quality products and professional and high-quality services. It is reported that Dr. Mobil will also participate in pre-competition training and on-site interaction in the follow-up session of the fuel-saving challenge to cheer for the participating card members.

China National Heavy Duty Truck MC engine high-end special engine oil China National Heavy Duty Truck MC engine high-end special engine oil

China National Heavy Duty Truck and the Meifu Black Overlord have worked together for 8 years to bring reliable and assured products to Chinese truck drivers. The fuel-efficient competition cars come from China's Sinotruk star products that are highly efficient, comfortable, safe, and fuel-efficient. They are Howo, Howe, and Judeka, and the Mobil Blackhead is designed for the MC11 engine. Oil products will provide escort for the performance of the players, and will also work for the majority of card-friends to forge ahead.

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