Who blocked the safe road of the agricultural tricycle

Who blocked the safe road of the agricultural tricycle

It is not difficult to solve this problem. The key lies in whether the relevant departments have the sincerity of doing practical things for the people, and whether they have done their utmost to maximize the strength and seize the problem. Driving school less profitable and unwilling to start classes how to do? Can be encouraged by the policy support; how to do to separate applicants? Can be relatively concentrated in the set point; farmers do not understand the policy how to do? You can step up publicity and inform it...

Agricultural tricycle driving training and driving license examination seem to be just a trivial matter. But behind it, it reflects the people's feelings of the relevant departments. In recent years, traffic safety accidents caused by agricultural tricycles have been a common occurrence in various places. One of the most important reasons is that drivers do not pass driving school training and do not have safe driving skills. In this regard, the relevant departments must not take it lightly and indifferently. It is time to take the idea and implement practical measures.

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