Xugong Rotary Drilling Boosts the Indonesia City Complex Project

Xugong Rotary Drilling Boosts the Indonesia City Complex Project

The Indonesian Lippo project is located in Bekasi, east of Jakarta and is an urban complex project. The project occupies an area of ​​322 hectares. The project is expected to have a total of 2,000 properties, and the amount of pile foundation projects is expected to reach a new high in the Indonesian engineering industry. After the project is completed, it will create a "new city" and gather millions of people.

As of April 20, seven XCMG XR180D and one XR150DIII rotary drilling rigs have been unveiled in succession, becoming a beautiful landscape in the construction of the project pile foundation.

The geology on the construction site is mostly soil layer (a few pebbles). The project construction pile depth requires 34m, and the pile diameter generally requires 1000mm and 800mm. XCMG's two small rotary drilling rigs, XR180D and XR150DIII, are equipped with a dedicated hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis, high stability; equipped with a Cummins engine, strong power; using CAN bus technology to simplify the hydraulic piping, improve the efficiency of the host, and achieve The integration of human, machine, liquid, and electricity. In addition, the XR180D can be equipped with long-spiral, pipe boring machines, pneumatic DTH hammers and other multi-functional configurations on the basis of the original, truly realizing the versatility of a single machine to meet a variety of customer needs.

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