GE was awarded a marine gas turbine for two US surface warships

GE was awarded a marine gas turbine for two US surface warships

Recently, GE Ship Solutions' LM2500 series of aerospace marine gas turbines have been selected for the two newly constructed surface warships of the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. Two LM2500+ gas turbines will be the power of the US Navy's recently built multi-purpose amphibious assault ship, the LHA-8 "Bougainville" (LHA 8).
GE was awarded a marine gas turbine for two US surface warships
According to Huntington Ingles Industries, the construction of the ship will begin in the near future. The GE LM2500+ gas turbine will also be the driving force for the newly constructed USS America amphibious assault ship (LHA-6) and the "Tripoli" amphibious assault ship. The amphibious assault ship "Tripoli" is currently under construction; the ship will be named on September 16, 2017.

It is reported that the two amphibious assault ships will be powered by the same LM2500+ gas turbine hybrid electric propulsion system as the USS Makin Island multi-purpose amphibious assault ship. Thanks to the unique propulsion system, the US Navy hopes to save more than $250 million in fuel costs over the life of these ships.

In addition, a GE LM2500 engine combined with a diesel and gas turbine propulsion system will be the engine of the US Coast Guard's ninth National Security Patrol (NSC). All NSC Legend national security patrol ships will be equipped with the same LM2500 gas turbine system.

The US National Navy’s seventh national security ship, the Kimball (NSC-7), was launched on March 4, 2017 at Ingles Industries, Huntington, Pascago, Miss., and its sister ship, the eighth national security. The patrol ship (NSC-8) - "Midgett" was built on January 27, 2017.

The US Navy is GE's largest marine gas turbine user. GE has supplied more than 700 LM2500 gas turbines for surface warships including frigates and destroyers. In the world, 1,450 GE gas turbines have been supplied to 600 warships in 35 countries, and the cumulative running time has exceeded 15 million hours.

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