The difference between explosion-proof box and civilian box

The difference between explosion-proof box and civilian box

The difference between explosion-proof distribution box and ordinary distribution box is:
In terms of shape, the ordinary distribution box is made of iron, and the explosion-proof distribution box is made of cast aluminum or steel plate after welding and has high strength.
In terms of structure, components in an ordinary distribution box can be arranged together with convenient wiring. The explosion-proof distribution box is divided into several units and each switch and electrical component must be isolated.
In terms of sealing, the ordinary distribution box does not require strict sealing. The explosion-proof distribution box lid and the box are sealed better. After passing the strict inspection, the special agency will issue a certificate of conformity and sell it to the factory.
In application, ordinary distribution boxes are generally used in civilian and places without explosion-proof requirements. Explosion-proof distribution box is mainly used in dangerous combustible gas places and explosive places.
On the price, ordinary distribution boxes are cheap. Explosion-proof distribution boxes are expensive, which is generally several times the price of ordinary distribution boxes.
Explosion-proof distribution box and the general distribution box principle is roughly the same, difference in the shell, explosion-proof distribution box shell is thicker than ordinary, ordinary box it pays attention to ventilation, air needs convection, and explosion-proof box is sealed, Prevent harmful gases from entering the cabinet to detonate. It does not matter if an explosion occurs. It will explode inside the box. This will ensure the safety of the electricity used in the petrochemical plant and ensure the safety of the workers.
Explosion-proof box It needs electrical components inside the box, and then through the operating mechanism leads to the panel operation, need to operate the switch through the handle, the panel lights and switches are explosion-proof components can be exposed in the air.

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