Actual Argument: Home burglar alarm technology means

Actual Argument: Home burglar alarm technology means

It has entered the summer and temperatures have risen. Judging from the law of previous years, summer is a period of high incidence of theft. With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s living standards have been significantly improved, and the family environment has improved, making burglary the usual means of thieves.
Building anti-theft measures
1, no barriers easily enter the balcony
Ms. Zhang once lived on the top floor of the residential area and the balcony was not equipped with anti-theft measures. Due to the hot summer, windows are always open at night. One day, Ms. Zhang woke up in the morning and discovered that the rice and some of the food on the balcony had disappeared. It was only then that the thief had patronized her balcony by night. Ms. Zhang was scared that thanks to closing the door to the interior of the balcony, the thief would go inside to commit the theft.
The police reminded:
Residents living on the top floors must install anti-theft facilities. The top floor is a target for some thieves to remember. Some thieves are very professional and can use the small window of the corridor to go through the roof or use the rope to go down to the top to enter the interior. In addition, there are fewer residents on the top floor, some thieves will open the door and carry out the theft, so be sure to install the regular manufacturers of anti-theft doors and anti-theft locks so as not to give the thieves an opportunity.
2. Stealing key to steal a friend's computer
The burglary of buildings has now been transformed. There has been such a case in Jianguo Community in Dongfeng District. Chen and Liu are good friends. The two stayed at Chen’s home without any problems. One day, Chen told Liu to go downstairs to buy food and open the door when he got the key back. When Liu took Chen's key to buy food, he stole a key. A few days later, Chen went to work, and Liu opened the door of Chen’s house. He got a computer and called it his own computer. He sold Chen’s computer soon.
The police reminded:
The keys to your own house door should not be easily handed to outsiders. If you come to your home, don't put valuables in obvious places, be sure to hide them in invisible places, or don't store valuables at home to avoid opportunities for anyone who sees their eyes open.
3, screens are cut into the room stolen camera
One such case took place in a community in Fujin City. The thief entered the room from the second floor and stole the camera.
Mr. Ma liked photography. After the first day he had finished photographing, he placed the camera on the table. When I wake up and find that my camera is missing, I look at it again and notice that the window screen on the balcony has been cut into a long hole.
The police discovered that Mr. Ma lived on the second floor. The balcony was not equipped with a protective fence. Only a screen window was installed. It was close to the rain outside. The thieves easily climbed to the balcony of Mr. Ma through the rain, and then cut the screens to implement the entrance. theft.
The police reminded:
The first floor is generally equipped with a protective fence, and the balcony on the second floor is close to the rain. The thieves can easily climb to the second floor through the first floor guardrail or rain poncho. Therefore, protective measures must be installed on the second floor. Also, the valuables in the room should not be too close to the windows, or the clothes should not be placed on the window sill, so that the thief will not lose his clothes by picking clothes or valuables through the poles.
Cottage anti-theft measures
The home lives in the cottage, the cottage has a yard, and the yard has a large iron gate. Usually no one at home, the door is locked, and the room door is rarely locked. One day, Ms. Zhang went out to buy food. She thought she would return in a few minutes and only locked the door. After about 10 minutes she came back and found that the door was still locked and the room was turned upside down. The 900 yuan in the locker was gone. So she immediately reported to the police station in Jiadong.
The police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate and visit. It was learned from the neighbors that when someone heard the knock on the door of Ms. Zhang’s house, the neighbors came out and saw three or four young boys. They said the ball was kicked into the yard and they wanted to pick the ball and asked if anyone was there.
After learning of this clue, the police station added police force to narrow the scope of the investigation and find the team of kickers. Through scouting, it is known that there are often a group of young boys playing in the area, all of whom are about 16 years old. The civilian police brought back a slightly older one. The big boy soon explained the truth.
It turns out that in the name of kicking the ball, they kicked the ball into the yard of the residents' home to test if anyone was in the house. When they kicked in, they knocked on the door. If there was someone at home, they said the ball was kicked into the yard and asked to carry the ball away. The owner would not doubt it. If no one knocks on the door, it means there is no one in the family. They jump into the yard through the big wall and then commit the theft. There have also been such cases in the Shuangsheng community under the jurisdiction of the Jiadong police station. Within half a month, a thief visited five rooms. Due to the fact that houses of some resident's homes in the area often do not live, the household heating, electric welding tools, computers, and other daily necessities have become a thief.
Wang discovered that many bungalows had stolen five in a row within half a month. When he was about to steal the sixth home, because he had too much alcohol, he slipped under his feet, fell from his house and fell into the yard. As a result, the owner of the house came out and asked what he wanted to do. He also said nothing. Later, the owner of the cottage reported to the police.
The police station of the police station rushed to the scene to capture it, and found a lot of stolen goods in his home, as well as tools for committing crimes.
The police reminded:
Residents of bungalows should strengthen their awareness of thieves' theft prevention. Thieves steal convenience and access is convenient. As long as no one is at home, the doors of the interior and the yard must be locked. Even if it is a few minutes, it must be locked. Sleeping at night, doors and windows closed, long-term uninhabited houses must not be stored valuables, or neighbors care, care, or regular inspections, if necessary, install monitoring devices or automatic alarm devices.
Home anti-theft technology means assembly
Home security systems are important facilities for preventing accidents such as theft, robbery and fire. In the event of an emergency, the owner can be promptly notified by telephone to facilitate the rapid adoption of emergency measures to prevent accidents or the expansion of disasters.
The home security system utilizes the host computer to connect various detectors wirelessly or by cable to achieve anti-theft alarm function. The host computer is connected to the fixed telephone line. If there is alarm, dial the alarm according to the mobile phone or the telephone number set by the customer.
Home security systems usually consist of three parts: a detector (also called an alarm), a transmission channel, and an alarm controller. The alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing. It is used to detect intruder intrusion or smoke. The device consisting of electronic and mechanical components is the key to the anti-theft alarm system. The sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. The use of different principles of the sensor components, can constitute different types, different uses, to achieve different detection purposes of the alarm detection device.
Most of our current anti-theft methods rely on air defense and physical defense (such as security doors, iron guardrails, etc.). If there are conditions, adopting technical precautions will have a multiplier effect.
First, install infrared anti-theft alarm device. When this alarm device is in working condition, it can emit infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye. As soon as a person enters the light control range, the device will immediately issue an alarm sound. If a thief enters, the resident can immediately find out that the thief himself does not know. They often go to bed.
Second, install the electromagnetic code lock. To install such a lock, you must first press the password when you unlock it from the outside, otherwise you cannot unlock it; if you open it, the alarm device will sound an alarm sound. In this way, people or neighbors in the room will be alerted, and the thieves can be scared off. Second, the thieves can also be captured.
Third, actively cooperate and actively participate in the urban community alarm network system. After the user installs this alarm device, in case of a dangerous situation (such as burglary), the alarm will automatically issue an alarm through the pre-set defense zone. The police station of the police station will immediately display the exact address of the user, and the police can quickly send the police to arrive. The crime scene was captured and the criminals were captured. (Text / Zhongguancun Online)

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