The correct way to open the refrigerator car for summer maintenance

The correct way to open the refrigerator car for summer maintenance

With the advent of summer, the maintenance of refrigerated trucks is increasingly important. In order to prevent the summer heat from damaging the surface of the refrigerated truck, Xiao Bian teaches you a few tips on the daily maintenance of the refrigerator body and the refrigeration unit.

Refrigeration unit maintenance

The refrigeration unit is an important part of the refrigerated truck. It is the reason for controlling the internal temperature of the compartment and always maintaining the freshness of the transported material. Some circuit facilities inside the car body are the details that the user should pay attention to, and it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of various short circuits caused by the exposed power line, and it is also necessary to prevent the unnecessary unnecessary damage to the lighting equipment that will generate heat due to the alternating heat and cold.

For long-term use of refrigeration units, the compressors are kept in working condition for a long time, and impurities are easily generated to make the compressors lock up and damage the refrigeration system. In general, maintenance of the refrigeration units is based on engine working hours or engine mileage, and the usual refrigeration units are 500- 700 hours or 2000 kilometers for a maintenance and repair. Check the stability of the refrigeration system and adjust the refrigeration compressor belts and brackets and replace the dryer bottles.

Less use of refrigeration units, customers can carry out some small measures to carry out maintenance, such as in the case of not using a cold machine for several months to maintain a two-week operation of the refrigeration unit, each running time 10-15 minutes. Check the operation of the refrigeration unit during the operation. Once a year, properly inspect the refrigeration unit.

Refrigerator body maintenance

The car body is an important part of the refrigerated truck. It is composed of polyurethane material and glass fiber reinforced plastic (aluminum alloy, color steel plate, etc.). In summer, refrigerated trucks should be parked in a cool place to prevent direct sunlight from the sun's ultraviolet rays on refrigerated vehicles.

Whether it is a long-term refrigerated truck or a frequently-used refrigerated truck, the surface of the car body is likely to be contaminated with dirt. Therefore, the dirt and dust on the surface of the box must be cleaned in a timely manner. Before cleaning, the power must be cut off, and the inner and outer surfaces of the refrigerator should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth moistened with a mild solution of a non-corrosive detergent. After cleaning, dry it with a dry cloth. Do not use organic solvents, hot water, detergent, etc. to clean the harmful substances in the refrigerator.

In order to extend the service life of the car body, it is necessary to wipe the seal bar with warm water frequently to keep the seal bar elastic. In order to prevent the refrigerated truck from being directly exposed to the outside, the user can seal the refrigerated truck so that the refrigerated truck's paint surface can form a protective glaze that can resist ultraviolet rays.

For the maintenance of the interior surface of refrigerated trucks, it is also necessary to adjust the temperature control. Do not make the surface of the compartment ice. If the air humidity is relatively large, we must pack the refrigerated products as much as possible, especially the aquatic products. Evaporation inside the cabin reduces the possibility of ice inside the refrigerated truck.

If there is a layer of ice on the inner surface of the refrigerated truck, it must be removed with a de-icing shovel in time after each shipment to prevent the thickening of the ice layer. This not only affects the storage space of the car, but also increases the vehicle's storage capacity. Self-respect, increase fuel consumption. Internally, care should also be taken to avoid damage to the inner surface of sharp goods or containers.

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