What will happen to pressure gauges?

What will happen to pressure gauges?

What will happen to pressure gauges? The most important thing in the use of pressure gauges is the accuracy of the gauge indication. The pressure gauge indicates whether it is accurate and whether there are errors. In addition to some factors of the pressure gauge itself, external factors will also affect the indication result.

Affected by vibration gauge
pressure gauge <br> <br> misregistration also occurs in a vibrating environment, Magnetic Level gauge will directly cause severe vibration of the elastic element the deformation gauge, pressure gauge impact The sensitivity, accuracy, and user's reading of gauge indications. The measure against the vibration of the pressure gauge is mainly to install the cushioning device and the damping device.

When the pressure gauge affected <br> <br> gauge overload overload not only refers to the pressure gauge indicates the maximum value reaches the dial, in fact, more than 2/3 of the full scale position, the gauge has an elastic element It is near limit state. When the pressure gauge is working under the overload condition for a long time, the internal elastic components of the liquid turbine flowmeter, such as the spring tube and the diaphragm, will be elastically weakened or even elastically lost for a long period of time when they are in a state of extreme or near-limit deformation. Eventually permanent deformation occurs. .

Affected by temperature gauge <br> <br> pressure meter measures the pressure of the spring tube mainly by an elastic member inside thereof, in an environment higher or lower temperatures, the elastic element pressure meter temperature will Under the effect of deformation, especially for pressure gauges that work in high temperature medium for a long time, the elastic element may be permanently deformed, which may also cause errors in the display of the pressure gauge.

In the use of pressure gauges, the manual pressure source must minimize the effect of temperature on the indicated value of the pressure gauge. The most direct and effective method is to avoid the pressure gauge operating in abnormal temperature environment. If it is impossible to avoid pressure gauges, it should be done to prevent high temperatures. Or cold treatment, such as the installation of condensing devices or insulation devices for pressure gauges.

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