Cloud computing applications to replace technology as the industry leader

Cloud computing applications to replace technology as the industry leader

At the Fifth China Cloud Computing Conference, experts attending the conference unanimously held that the basic technology platform no longer dominates the development of the cloud computing industry, and the future is the world of application.

Li Deyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that it is a product of social progress. The goal of building a smart city is the introduction and popularization of various information applications, like the health cities, safe cities, eco-cities, smart cities and happy cities previously proposed. Make our life better.

The traditional system reform and the application of information technology are the strength and direction of China's social progress. Yang Bingzhi, director of Guomai Smart City Research Center at Zhejiang University, pointed out that the reform of the traditional system will generate a system dividend, and the application of information technology will generate digital dividends. The report of the 18th National Congress of the CPC pointed out: "Adhere to the path of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, promote the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, promote the benign interaction between industrialization and urbanization, coordinate the urbanization and agricultural modernization, and promote Industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization are developing simultaneously. "Smart city is the goal and product of the integration of informationization and urbanization. The new urbanization must be guided by the idea of ​​smart city.

In the current urban development, the two forces are racing. On the one hand, urban diseases such as energy shortage, traffic congestion and environmental pollution are accelerating; on the other hand, the pace of building smart cities is accelerating. Only smart cities will win the race in this race, so as to achieve the goal of ubiquitous information networks, efficient public administration, green economy, digitization of daily life and network of public services, which will bring new hope to urban development. From a technical perspective, smart cities are based on the Internet of Things and other communication networks. Through the methods of materialization, interconnection and intelligence, various parts of the city are coordinated with each other and are highly integrated with smart technologies and high-end development of smart industries , Smart service efficient and convenient as the main features of the new model of urban development. In essence, a smart city is a new pattern and a new pattern of urban development that makes full use of modern information and communication technologies so that people with intelligence and intelligent things can interact with each other, reinforce each other, and achieve economic and social optimization.

Ji Tongkai, director of Industrial Technology Innovation and Incubation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that cloud computing is an inevitable trend in the development of IT systems and will play an important role in the construction of smart cities. He said that at present, some cloud computing-based applications have been promoted in some provinces and cities, accelerating the construction of smart cities. For example, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with Dongguan, Guangdong Province, has deployed an "education cloud" on the ground to connect the city's major schools with a cloud platform. This not only reduces the deployment costs of information systems but also enables the sharing of educational resources effectively Improve the local teaching level.

The future is the world of application, only rich applications to people's lives, smart city construction can highlight the value. Xie Yun, CTO of Digital China, said that in recent years, the basic technology of information and communication has witnessed rapid development. It even can be said that "running too fast", so application will become the top priority of the industry. The old model of what traditional users ask us to do to meet the needs should be changed. We should establish a "city map" of real cities to intelligently predict the needs of users so as to meet their needs and make people's lives better.

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