Do-it-yourself car troubleshooting

Do-it-yourself car troubleshooting

When we drive out, it is very likely that the car will be anchored. This requires us to have some simple troubleshooting knowledge. Now we will introduce some simple and easy emergency repair methods as follows:

1. Tank damage

When the motor vehicle is in use, it is found that the oil leakage from the fuel tank can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum applied to the oil spill, temporarily blocked; with epoxy resin adhesive repair, better.

2. Bursting of tubing

When the tubing ruptures, the cracked area can be wiped clean, coated with soap, wrapped with a piece of cloth or tape around the broken tubing, and tied with wire, then coated with soap.

3. Broken tubing

Shanghai Car Rental Network reminded that when a car oil pipe breaks, it can find a rubber or plastic pipe socket adapted to the diameter of the oil pipe. If the socket is not tight enough, tie the wires tightly at both ends to prevent oil leakage.

4. The cylinder head shows trachoma and leaks, leaks

According to the size of the trachoma, use the electric fuse of the corresponding specification, and gently poke it into the trachoma with a hand hammer to eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.

5 oil pipe joint leakage

When the motor vehicle is used, if the engine oil pipe joint leaks, the tubing bell mouth and the oil pipe nut are mostly not sealed. The cotton yarn can be used to wrap around the lower edge of the horn and tighten the tubing nut and tubing connector. The bubble gum or maltose can also be chewed into a paste, coated on the tubing nut seat and allowed to dry to seal.

6. Incoming and outgoing hoses are broken

When the rupture is not great, use a cloth coated with a layer of soap to wrap the leak. If the crack is large, cut the broken part of the hose, put a bamboo tube or iron tube in the middle, and fasten it with wire.

7. The fan belt breaks

The broken belt can be tied up with iron wire or the car can be driven off with open, stop and stop.

8. Screw hole slider

Screw hole sliders can cause oil leaks or loose links, rendering them inoperable. At this time, the original screw can be flattened with a hammer, so that the expansion of both sides of the expansion and then tightened, but not dismantled many times, to be repaired when the next maintenance.

9. Diaphragm or oil pump diaphragm ruptures or breaks

The diaphragm can be taken out by an oil pump, and then sawn with a plastic board, an electrical insulating bakelite or a plastic cloth according to the original shape and size, and polished.

10. Valve spring breaks

After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be removed and the broken two sections can be installed in reverse and ready for use. You can also find a piece of 1 mm thick sheet metal, cut into 1 mm larger than the spring diameter of the disk, cut a round hole inside, the diameter is less than the spring diameter of 4 mm, the outer edge of every 6 mm into a 4 mm long slit, cut After every good one piece is folded one by one to form a double-sided spring seat groove, and then the spring turn head can be used in the tin groove.

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