What material is damaged by the old surface damage?

What material is damaged by the old surface damage?

Afternoon Zhi Zhi made professional advice: It is recommended to use ECM epoxy mortar for reinforcement.

ECM Epoxy Mortar Uses • Hydraulic wear resistance, cavitation and freeze/thaw protection, and post-damage repair.

· Anti-wear protection and repair of engineering parts such as highways, bridges, airport runways, and workshops.

· The protection and repair of concrete or metal components such as chemicals, petroleum, factories, and docks against acid and alkali salts.

· Reinforcement of cracks, holes, spalling, and other defects in buildings, repair of defects such as concrete honeycombs, leaks, cracks, and damaged protective layers.

ECM Epoxy Mortar Advantages · High compressive strength, fast curing, good adhesion, new and old bonding surface, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high alkali resistance, UV resistance · Moisture base construction ECM epoxy resin Mortar application A, local repair of defects:

According to the project construction requirements, use a spatula to smear the prepared rubber on the repaired part. When applying it, apply the light while compacting it. It can be put into use after completion of 7 days.

B. Large area overall surface plastering construction:

When used as a whole surface layer, the thickness should not be less than 3mm. When the concrete or masonry structure facade and the steel structure surface as a whole surface layer, it should be divided into two, each time interval should not be less than 24h. When the last wiping is performed, it should be smoothed once, and no repeated pressure can be applied.

C. The ground improves wear resistance treatment construction:

Stir the mixed cement on the surface to be repaired and the thickness is not less than 3mm. There is no need for maintenance after construction, 2 to 3 days can be on the person, 7 days after the heavy load.

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