Shenzhen Express Car 66 Festival: What You Don't Know About Car Trading Services "Hidden Rules"

Shenzhen Express Car 66 Festival: What You Don't Know About Car Trading Services "Hidden Rules"

Easy car this year's 66 car festival has just begun. As early as 2015, the company launched the first auto online shopping festival in China. This year, it also played a lot of new tricks. VR selection, sweeping cars, red packets, half-price cars, and so on.

Today's automobile trading services do have a lot of ecology. There is a lot of big data, and fun marketing fan marketing is standard. Why can the easy car always maintain the status of leader for many years? Under the waterfall, there must be a deep pool. There has never been any achievement for no reason.

Today, through the easy car 66 car festival, to give you all the "hidden rules" of the 818 car trading service.

[One of the unspoken rules: hidden ecological flow]

In the age of attention economy, traffic (or the attention of the audience) means success or failure.

Now, a major flow of traffic is taking place across China’s mobile Internet. The huge shift in traffic from the long tail to the head has made the source of traffic increasingly difficult to control.

The easy-to-car 66 car-buying festival can be run for three years, run year-by-year, and quarter-quarterly, and the results are good. It is very relevant to the traffic matrix.

The easy-to-use APP Matrix has multiple synergies, such as easy cars, auto quotes, and easy-to-use pre-owned cars. These clear-cut APPs can differentiate the needs of vertical crowds for accurate vehicle sales.

Of course, this is not all a killer for traffic.

In order to bring potential traffic to the Auto Ride 66 car festival and realize its value for users of car companies, there is also an external ecological flow.

The shareholder of the company is composed of Tencent, Jingdong and Baidu. Tencent has grasped China’s largest social traffic portal, and today’s headlines and Baidu’s contribution to the overall user traffic and quality of Autos, especially to the introduction of mobile-oriented precision pan-auto users.

At the same time, Autocar exported its own vertical content to more platforms, such as Weibo Wechat, etc. Through the shallow content output from external entrances, Autocar has the user acquisition capabilities of the entire network platform.

Taking positions on others' platforms and being recognized and welcomed, this is a content output capability that few automobile trading services can do, and it also becomes an important support for easy vehicle flow enabling manufacturers.

I always hear people say that capital is not easy to find in winter and traffic is hard to find. In fact, capital and users have always been there, even growing, just to see who can attract, hold, and save.

[Hidden Rules II: No money is not a thing]

We often hear stories about beliefs, about dreams, and many invisible determinants exist just like the dark matter of the universe. Important, but not known.

The success of auto trading services, especially the easy-to-car 66 car-buying festival for many years, has been able to shake up the traditional offline car market and reshape the shopping habits of consumers, not only relying on Internet technology to transform the traditional market, but also relying on finance. the power of.

Today's entrepreneurial environment is no longer the game of GDP 8-10%, and the myth of small entrepreneurial investment in the big market is about to disappear with the stability of economic growth, followed by the capital entrepreneurial game.

It is no exaggeration to say that if there is no use of financial power, car trading services and even the entire Chinese Internet landscape, I am afraid that can be rewritten. Of course, the finance here is not just a currency, it is only a written amount of financing. The financial strength is more important to the establishment and reform of the commercial chain.

In addition to the generous benefits of the generous car purchase of 50 million car red envelopes, over 100,000 gifts, 24 half-price new cars, 240 second-hand cars, etc., there are 200 “10,000-yuan interest-free” car purchase opportunities. The top down payment is up to RMB 6,000. These superficial financial measures actually conceal the pursuit of deep-seated vehicles by Autos. These diversified financial product portfolios can effectively reduce the trading thresholds for new and used cars for users and follow-up vehicles. Stages can also provide value-added services such as insurance. With the financial cut-in transactions, the easy-to-car 66 car-buying festival can more effectively touch the public psychological G-point.

Now the whole Internet is talking about ecology. Regarding the industrial ecology, whether you admit it or not, the transaction is always the most important and the most important one that should be held in your hands.

History and melons The favorite of the masses is often great people and war myths, not simple real worlds, and entrepreneurs.

The story of entrepreneurship likes to talk about the founding team that has not forgotten the beginning of the heart and the twists and turns of the entrepreneurial saga, but often neglects the important factor behind the support, which is the financial power. However, looking back at the history of world science and technology development, especially the Silicon Valley and China's Internet entrepreneurship wave, it is not difficult to find the powerful leverage behind finance.

In the future, competition in the Internet industry cannot be used to make good use of finance. It can be said that it is difficult and even better not to enter the market.

[Hidden Rules of the Third: Technology Nuclear]

Technology can be said to be the best tool for ordinary entrepreneurs to achieve the leap of class and overtaking. There is no one.

For automotive trading services, every technology is pursuing, but whether this nuclear weapon can be used is not something that everyone can easily do. Just as everyone in the Internet is talking about ecological strategies, only Ali and Tencent have so far really established the thickness of the entire industry.

In the automotive industry chain, ubiquitous technologies can easily be introduced. However, there are two prerequisites for grafting their competitive advantages using technology: one is to occupy the market gap in advance with a strong operating capability; the other is to know their own advantages and resources. More advantage resources.

Once the "coal barrel effect" is still applicable in the ever-changing Internet competition. Nowadays, the major players in the game are basically not short-circuited, especially in the field of automobile trading services. If so, use money to make up for it. Giving full play to their long board to quickly seize market opportunities is the key.

With technology as a long board, the car trading service inside the car is undoubtedly the most emboldened. Relying on Baidu, Tencent and's big data support, the company has conducted in-depth data analysis through new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which also determines the innate advantages of Auto in big data technology.

Accurate car user data, transaction data, and Baidu, Jingdong, Tencent's pan-consumer portraits are sufficient to cover the entire market, network-wide data performance, and achieve a full range of individual user descriptions and artificial intelligence based algorithms. Accurate and personalized service.

The data engine of the Autobike has already begun to appear as a competitive barrier that outsiders cannot perceive, evade, or challenge. In the field of automotive trading services, technology is the ultimate killer.


There are too many corporate business ideas that are paradoxical, and there are too many "business stories" or "urban myths" that are confusing. Based on these concepts, it should not be a vague system of thinking and "self-righteousness" hidden deep in ideas. Many “hidden rules” that seem to be unimportant but closely related to the ultimate grandeur often apply to every step of a company’s actual actions.

Auto trading services have passed the golden era of brutal growth. The time has come to test the overall coordinated operational capabilities of the company. The easy-to-car 66 car-buying festival is a step-by-step win. It is precisely because of the strong grasp of finance, flow ecology, and technology tools. .

In the mighty scroll of the mobile Internet, countless truths are hidden in the magnificent factual process. Grasping these potential and important factors is the ultimate esoteric meaning of development.

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