7 months trouble-free operation

7 months trouble-free operation

In Anhui High Speed ​​Petrochemical, there is a scenery that is “Anhui Smile”. When you drive into Anhui Expressway Sinopec gas station, pumping gas sincere, friendly, sunny smile a solution for your fatigue of the journey, this smile of recognition from Anhui Expressway petrochemical and KLS AdBlue filling equipment .

In order to respond to the national policy on motor vehicle exhaust gas treatment, Anhui High-speed Petrochemical has played a platform advantage, learns from the mature model of European automotive urea industry, and builds a vehicle urea filling station in Anhui high-speed gas stations to provide high-quality vehicles for transit drivers. Urea and filling service.

As the first high-tech enterprise in China to develop vehicle urea filling equipment, the research and production of skid-mounted 3 ton machines has been widely used in Anhui high-speed gas stations. Since the first equipment was installed and operated in December 2016, Operating for 7 months without failure, stable performance, convenient operation, and highly qualified fuel workers. They passed this recognition with a smile, warming the driver users and praising Anhui Express Petrochemical and Koansu.

Hot popular china supplier highway gardrail steel road barrier fence roll forming machine 

 This product is widely used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, and wall board for attached part product. It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on. 

two bumps highway road guardrail barrier cold roll forming machine


Main forming machine

Hydraulic cutting

Electric system (PLC)

Hydraulic system

Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

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