·Fuzhou disabled scooter illegal operation resurgence purchase without certificate

·Fuzhou disabled scooter illegal operation resurgence purchase without certificate

According to China Voice's "National News Network" report, many Fuzhou citizens have recently reported that the illegal operation of disabled passenger scooters in Fuzhou has regained momentum. These vehicles often fail to comply with traffic regulations and cause great security risks. The reporter's investigation found that these disabled scooters can reach a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and no such documents are required to purchase such vehicles. In this regard, the relevant departments said that it is difficult to obtain evidence for illegal operations, which brings considerable difficulties to law enforcement.
The reporter found that there are people with disabilities in many places, such as the Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University and the Anmu intersection. Most of these vehicles do not have license plate numbers, and some owners have no obvious disabilities in their lower limbs. The reporter took a disabled scooter near the South Bus Station for an experience. The back seat of the car was very narrow, and all the way to the crossroads, the driver did not hesitate to pass the red light, and then directly reversed the motorway:
Reporter: It doesn't matter if you go against it?
Master: This will not catch.
Reporter: Is this training required?
Master: The country has not helped you train.
The reporter saw in several medical equipment stores in the city that there were unlicensed disabled scooters in the store. The store said that if you need to install windshield, umbrellas and other equipment, they can help contact the manufacturer. Later, the reporter found through the network search that there are many kinds of such scooters, and the price ranges from 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. When the reporter asked if the purchase required a voucher, several sellers said that they did not need to:
Reporter: Do you want to buy a car with a disabled card or can you buy it?
Seller: No, you will sell it to you as long as you pay for it, and you will have a certificate of disability.
The relevant person in charge of the Fuzhou Disabled Persons' Federation told the reporter that the current Fuzhou Disabled Scooter implements catalogue management, and the card should be issued with a certificate of lower limb disability. However, the current market is mixed, and there are loopholes in regulation. In this regard, Lin Changda, deputy head of the Fuzhou Traffic Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps, also admitted that these vehicles are highly mobile and difficult to obtain evidence. To completely change the status quo, multi-sector cooperation is required:
Lin Changda: The crackdown is not strong enough, but this one is indeed really difficult. We didn't see the disabled cars, we all played, they were parked there, and there was no way to enter the operation. We couldn't strike them. It takes a lot of departments to work together and do it together.

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