·Longjing Four Seasons Project Large-scale Investment Promotion Association will open soon

·Longjing Four Seasons Project Large-scale Investment Promotion Association will open soon

Since 2015, Longjing's “Four Seasons Link Rapid Oil Change Center” established in the diesel engine oil sales terminals has received enthusiastic response from dealers and channel terminal franchisees all over the country. The number of oil change centers currently under construction and opening has exceeded Hundreds. In order to help the existing Four Seasons franchisees to adopt more advanced and convenient operation methods in the Internet era, improve the operation quality of the storefront, and at the same time, fully introduce the Longyan corporate culture, products and business advantages to the Four Seasons chain of intention customers, and further enhance the dealers. The franchisee's confidence in the Longyan Four Seasons project will accelerate the completion of the national layout of the Four Seasons Link Rapid Oil Change Center. Long Hao will hold the first Four Seasons Link Rapid Oil Change in Nanjing from April 18th to 19th, 2015. Center joining training conference and customer investment conference.

Based on the results of the first quarter work, this conference will introduce all the clients of the conference to the successful experience of the four seasons project in the first quarter of the country, and announce the development policy and core products of the second quarter of 2015. Prepare for the listing, deeply analyze the operation management concept of the four seasons chain store terminal, and effectively guide the operation of the franchisee chain stores.

The second part of the conference is centered on “O2O E-commerce Operation”, and arranges professional personnel to operate related software on site and conduct O2O training for participants to improve the entrants' enthusiasm for the fast-growing e-commerce market in China and its prospects. In the end, the perfect combination of online gathering and offline drainage is realized. In addition, the conference site will also introduce the long-range oil-changing engine oil that Long Hao launched in March, the new product of the Four Seasons “Gift Course” series.

On April 18th, 2015, the Longyan Lubricating Oil Four Seasons Chain Project large-scale investment conference, a feast of knowledge, a fierce collision of business ideas, an excellent opportunity for investment and financial management. Interested, you come, we are waiting for you in Long Yao!

Holter ECG Monitoring System


Holter ECG Monitoring Systems adopt 12-lead system of international standard, which can continuously record ECG waveform for 24-hour and analyze ECG waveform by the PC software. It is applicable for use in medical institution and community.

Analysis Software Function

1.The rate of checking RR wave up to 99.9%, which increased the accuracy of analysis without losing wave.

2.AI histogram function which can directly distinguish various abnormal ECG which can analyze faster.

3. Dynamic ECG [Channel Correct" function, which can correct mistakenly wearing that makes the analysis more accurate.

4.Lorenz and Demix analysis function, which can analyze more faster, more accurately. Single medical case can be completely analyzed in 10 min, which can reduce the physician`s work.

5.ST can be displayed in many kinds of form, which ensures that analyzing ST- Trends Diagram comprehensively, observing the whole or partial ST variety to analyze the specific area of myocardial ischemia.

6.Atrial fibrillation function can be recognized automatically and can distinguish atrial fibrillation case, give advice and generate analysis report .

7.Unique Cardiac Fatigue Index function, which can judge index of Cardiac Fatigue .High-risk groups can be found and early intervention treatment can be taken by the index, which can effectively judge the heart age and predict SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death).

8. P-wave analysis function, which can check cardiac arrhythmia (such as AVB).

9.According to the requirement of patients, options can be selected freely while printing report, which can save physician `s time

10. ECG can be printed by various forms according to the user`s requirement.

11.Pacemaker analysis function, which can analyze different pacemakers(such as AAI,VVI,DDD).

12.The comprehensive analysis system of stand-alone version with network version ,users can freely select any model.

13.Wire and wireless simultaneously transfer mode ,which reduce complicated performance.

14. Dynamic ECG and static ECG analysis system ,which reduced complex operations.

15. Time Domain and Frequency Domain function on HRV module can reflect the moderation effect of sympathetic and parasympathetic to the heart rate.

16.HRT function can predict myocardial infarction which has clinical value.

17.ST function which can check the exact time and length of myocardial ischemia in 24 hours.

Holter Monitor,Holter 24 Hours,Holter Recorder,Holter Ecg Monitoring System

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