9 coupes to save money without car

9 coupes to save money without car

Many small partners are particularly car-loving after buying a car. They even have a bit of an over-indulgence. They wish that all products such as gasoline and oil will use the best and most expensive products in order to be able to afford the car they bought at a “big” price. In fact, excessive maintenance of the car will make the car richer. Pro, your car is rich?

1. Over-Use of Fuel Additives Fuel additives that increase fuel consumption and reduce fuel consumption are likely to exacerbate engine wear or cause poor engine operation. Because the automotive engine is a very delicate product, there are technical specifications for fuel, lubricant, brake fluid and coolant. If excessive use of additives, it is very likely to put a burden on the vehicle.

2. Too frequent maintenance is a waste of maintenance vehicles. It can be done according to the regulations. It is not as frequent as possible. Many female owners lack knowledge of automobiles, but they cherish their vehicles more than men. The maintenance of excessive frequencies is not only a waste of resources, but it may also make the car rich in diseases.

III. Excessive car-washing injury Air-conditioning Choose your own hands-on car wash, waxing, be sure to purchase professional tools and cleaning agents, and try to choose a sheltered place to operate, or you can choose to perform in the morning or evening. When washing the vehicle, it is necessary to keep the appearance of the car air conditioner dry. If the car air conditioner is accidentally wetted, it will affect the life of the car air conditioner.

4. Too much oil is prone to failure. When the oil in the engine oil pan is insufficient, the abrasion of bearings and journals will be exacerbated, and even the burning of the brake shaft may be caused. If the oil is too much, not only the internal power loss of the engine is increased, but also the burn-out oil failure occurs. Therefore, the oil in the oil sump of the engine should be controlled between the upper and lower scoring lines of the oil dipstick.

5. The bolts are too tight and easily lead to permanent deformation. There are many fasteners that are connected with bolts and nuts on the car. It should be ensured that it has enough pre-tightening force, but it cannot be tightened too tightly. If the tightening is too tight, on the one hand, the connecting member will be permanently deformed under the action of external force; on the other hand, the bolt will be permanently deformed by tension, the pre-tightening force will be reduced, and even a sliding buckle or breaking phenomenon will occur.

The new battery does not charge to shorten the life of the battery The first charge is called the initial charge, the initial charge of the battery life has a great impact. If it is not recharged, it will be directly added by using “water”. The capacity of the battery will not be high and the service life will be shortened; if it is directly charged, it will also shorten the service life. Usually, the initial charge of the battery is performed after charging the electrolyte and charging it with a small current for about 1 hour.

7. Too much impact on the safety of the car's electronic equipment Someone uses the car as a mobile home and loads various electronic devices into the car for easy travel. Driving recorder, electronic navigation, car stereo, electric heating cup and so on. However, because many electronic devices do not pass production and the vehicles are overloaded, they may adversely affect the vehicle.

8. Inappropriate high-grade gasoline is harmful. If the vehicle adds more oil than the original vehicle requires, there will be no abnormality in most cases. However, problems may arise in the case of high speed and large throttle. The burning of high-grade gasoline is lower than that of low-grade gasoline. Not only the power will drop, but it will also cause cylinders to deposit carbon and affect the service life of the vehicle. Gasoline numbering matches the matching engine compression ratio, and choosing the right number of gasoline is the most important.

Nine tires pursuing new tires that lead to dissatisfaction with imports from abroad will not be applicable to domestic vehicle owners. After the tires of some foreign brands are jointly produced in China, they have added a layer of cord fabrics on the side of the tire according to the domestic road conditions, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the sidewalls. The tires produced by the joint venture can completely replace imported products in terms of performance. , And the price is more affordable.

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