AMI universal motor driver improves control accuracy

AMI universal motor driver improves control accuracy

R & D unit: American AMISemiconductor semiconductor

The company's product features: reduce the number of components in dynamic motion applications, save costs; multiple functions to improve the accuracy and reliability of motion control.

AMISemiconductor (AMIS) has announced the launch of its new single-chip stepper motor driver IC products AMIS-30521 and AMIS-30522. Because the new driver allows some applications to eliminate the need for switches, Hall sensors, flyback diodes, etc., it will greatly reduce component count and material cost in dynamic motion applications.

In the new product, each new mixed-signal IC contains two built-in H-bridges that can drive two-phase stepper motors with currents up to 1600 mA. The speed and load angle outputs allow the main microcontroller to detect the stall rotor and end of operation without the need for additional switches, Hall sensors or optical encoders. In addition to stall detection, these features allow the designer to program the microcontroller to calculate rotor position and dynamically adjust current or speed as required to prevent out-of-step. The drive therefore eliminates the noise and vibration of the end stop and improves the accuracy and reliability of motion control without the need to add components.

The new devices are designed as co-chips that can be used by both the main microcontroller and the DSP. The device has an SPI interface that fully controls the NXT input pulse conversion to provide the appropriate PWM output for the motor coil. In addition, the AMIS-30522 includes a 50 mA regulator and a "watchdog" for external microcontrollers. Both devices offer full-step to 1/32 microstep capability, including compensated and uncompensated half-stepping. Built-in current sensing eliminates the need for external current sense resistors, further reducing component count.

GuidoRemmerie, AMIS Global Industrial ASSP Manager, said: "More and more processing, automotive, textile and building automation applications rely on stepper motors to provide dynamic motion. These new miniature stepper motor drivers enable designers to use the fewest components and the lowest Material cost, complete dynamic motion application quickly and easily."

The new device features an NQFP package with an exposed pad that is less than 1 mm in cross-section and occupies only 7 x 7 mm2. In addition to their small size, these devices offer a range of additional features, including overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage, coil open or short, and thermal and diagnostics. In addition to saving board space, small form factor components are also easy to install directly on stepper motors, further saving space and reducing circuit complexity. In addition, the improved SOIC's exposed under pad design greatly enhances thermal resistance and ensures efficient heat dissipation from the IC to the PCB.

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