Air pollution control equipment has reached the international advanced level

Air pollution control equipment has reached the international advanced level

With an annual sales of 37 billion yuan and an annual export volume of more than 300 million U.S. dollars, the product level has reached the international advanced level and has independent intellectual property rights. This is the leader in China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry - a beautiful answer sheet for air pollution control equipment.
Electrostatic precipitators, bag filter and flue gas desulphurization equipment in thermal power plants are the main equipment for air pollution control. In 2006, the outstanding performance of electrostatic precipitators and bag filter units entered the China Top Brand Evaluation List, and the first environmental protection products entered the prestigious Chinese brand evaluation.
From introduction to export to beyond
A giant, weighing about 800 tons, which is equivalent to a 10-story building, was shipped from the entire port of Shanghai to Japan. This was a very sensation that happened a few years ago. This giant is the electrostatic precipitator exported to Japan. It is a representative of China's environmental protection machinery from import to export.
Chen Shangqin, vice president of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, is a promoter and witness of the development of the environmental protection industry in China. She explained that the environmental protection industry is a new industry that has only developed in the past decade or so and has experienced rapid growth during the “10th Five-Year Plan” period. China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry has formed a certain scale and ability, and made great contributions to preventing and controlling environmental pollution, improving the ecological environment, and promoting the sustainable use of resources.
Dust catcher products from the introduction, digestion, absorption to the complete domestic, product technology level has reached the international advanced level. At present, it has exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including Japan, the United Kingdom and other environmental protection equipment technologies and advanced manufacturing countries, and has used its own technology to successfully transform some of the imported electrostatic precipitators that do not meet the requirements of our country's use, improving the use of effectiveness.
Clean air dust remover
The ultra-fine and ultra-fine particles with a particle size of less than 5 μm, which is the most harmful to the human body, is the ability of a bag filter. Like the electrostatic precipitator, it has a high dust removal efficiency. It is a core product of air pollution prevention and control equipment. , Metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, light industry, electronics, machinery, food, tobacco, waste incineration and other fields have a wide range of applications.
In 2004, the dust and dust emissions from the country were reduced by 5%~10% compared with 2000 respectively. This is related to the popularity of electrostatic precipitators and bag filters. In the past 15 years, China's installed thermal power capacity has increased by more than four times, but the dust emissions from thermal power plants can still be controlled below 4 million tons/year, which is also an important role played by electrostatic precipitators in pollution control of thermal power plants.
Effective control of particulate matter, especially fine particulate matter contamination, is still the focus of urban air pollution prevention and control in China in the future. Its main technical means is the universal use of electrostatic precipitators and bag-type dust collectors. It is foreseeable that these two types of products will have more room for development in the future.
Cultivating enterprise groups with core competitiveness
The improvement of the current environmental quality has become an important issue to be solved urgently in China's economic and social development. Environmental protection equipment provides technical support and equipment guarantee for pollution control.
As a sunrise industry, the environmental protection machinery manufacturing industry has shown its unique vitality when many traditional machinery industries are slowly growing old. Experts predict that it will surely grow from a new industry to a pillar of the machinery industry that has a certain scale, occupies a large proportion in the machinery industry, has a broader service area, has a higher input and output, and has a major impact on the development of the national economy. industry.
The “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry requires that the overall level of China's environmental protection equipment continue to maintain an international level. Within the industry, it is necessary to cultivate 3 to 4 companies with international business management, independent intellectual property rights, and main business. Outstanding, large companies and enterprise groups with strong core competitiveness.
How to achieve the "Eleventh Five-Year" planning goals? Guo Baolin, vice president and secretary-general of the China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association, believes that the first is to speed up industrial restructuring, integrate advantageous companies, cultivate large group companies, and enhance international competitiveness; second is to promote SMEs Development, support for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a supporting enterprise with a high degree of specialization, and the third is to adjust the product structure and accelerate the development of new products. According to the market demand, enterprises should aim at foreign advanced technologies, improve innovation capabilities, and develop export-oriented products.

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