Used car brand process

Used car brand process

      Second-hand car market experts remind you, if you want to apply for a used car vehicle changed its name transfer, you must meet the following conditions: Vehicle Registration Certificate (common name big green book), driving license, ID card buyers and sellers, if the unit is a vehicle, need to bring the company code certificate And official seal. In addition, vehicles must be renamed and transferred under the normal conditions of the annual inspection and no violation of regulations. The original owner must be present at the venue to handle the change.
The first step: transaction - fill in the transaction transfer form
The second step: vehicle inspection - holding the transfer form filled in when the transaction is done, came to the extension number window, and then the vehicle extension number, camera, after the completion of these two procedures, mainly check the engine number and shelf number Conformity with the original car, the vehicle is suspected of stealing and so on.
The third step: the selection number - because the used car does not allow the selection of personalized license plates, so you can only use the five-choice selection method.
Step 4: Replace the license plate - After the number is selected, you only need to take the old license plate for a new one, and then you can put on the inspection mark and you can go on the road.
After the implementation of the new regulations, the procedure for re-issuing used plates for re-registration of used cars is simple. From the original five working days to the present two working days, the relevant expenses that the owners need to pay have also been reduced by more than one hundred dollars. This will not only make it easier for the owner, but also prevent the emergence of used car dealers who use the number plate for profit.
If you want to sell your old car and continue to use your own license plate number, you can also apply for keeping the original number. However, according to the relevant regulations, the following three conditions must be met:
1. The original owner shall file an application within 6 months after applying for transfer registration or cancellation of registration;
2. The motor vehicle owner owns the original motor vehicle for more than 3 years;
3. The road traffic safety violations and traffic accidents involving the original motor vehicle have been handled. Otherwise, the original vehicle number cannot be used.

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