Domestic equipment manufacturing green casting welcomes development

Domestic equipment manufacturing green casting welcomes development

After the rapid development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, China's foundry industry ranks first in the world in the number of enterprises, castings output, etc., accounting for 40% of the world's total casting production, and the core gap between the "big but not strong" developed casting countries. Emphasis is placed on the gap between product quality levels and development methods. The gap in the development approach is mainly reflected in the fact that our country's foundry industry is still in an extensive development mode. The casting production has high material consumption and energy consumption. It has high waste generation and pollutant discharge, and its comprehensive utilization of resources is low. Poor working conditions, labor protection and safe production protection measures are not in place. This development model does not meet the requirements of the country in building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society. It is an unsustainable development model.
On May 10, 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Entry Requirements for the Foundry Industry” to guide the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of the foundry industry, curb low-level duplication of construction and blind expansion of production capacity, protect the ecological environment, promote energy-saving and emission reduction, and increase resource and energy utilization levels. Enhance the overall strength of China's equipment manufacturing industry and promote China's transformation from a world-casting country to a founding powerhouse.
On September 9, 2014, the draft revised draft of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution” began to solicit opinions. This is also the most stringent air pollution prevention and control law in our country. For example, in the draft for exposure, China will establish heavy pollution. The weather monitoring and early warning system shall promptly issue early warning when heavy smog and other heavy pollution weather are likely to occur. The local government will take measures to order the relevant enterprises to suspend production and limit production and initiate emergency response. From this we can see that whether it is to meet the requirements of national laws, regulations and industrial policies, or to meet the needs of the development of the foundry industry, the Chinese foundry industry must take a sustainable road to green casting.
Although China's economic development speed is shifting, it is still in the mid-to-high speed development period. With the recovery of the world economy, China's economy has been transformed from "investment-led" to "innovative-driven", and the national energy-saving emission reduction and recycling economy policies have been gradually implemented. The reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises will inevitably bring new development opportunities to the Chinese foundry industry. Green casting will certainly bring new development springs to the Chinese foundry industry.

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