Unique technology foam finishing machine developed successfully

Unique technology foam finishing machine developed successfully

Shanghai Pacific Textile Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. Printing and Dyeing Machinery Branch cooperated with Donghua University to develop a foam finishing machine with unique technology. The foam finishing machine is a typical low-energy-saving energy-saving device, which ensures the uniform distribution of chemical agents under the condition of minimum moisture supply, fully conforms to the development direction of green dyeing and finishing, and is mainly used for sizing and softening of pure cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabrics. And use various types of foams such as resin.

This model has significant energy saving and consumption reduction, which can reduce water consumption by 50%~80%, chemical consumption by 20%, and drying heat energy by more than 55%. After finishing, the fabric has low moisture content, which can avoid "swim" and reduce surface resin. The elasticity index is higher than conventional padding. In addition, the equipment can be used in combination with a heat setting machine, a loose dryer, and a pre-shrinking machine, and can be extended to foam mercerizing, foam printing, and the like.

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