Power evaporative condenser won national patent

Power evaporative condenser won national patent

On May 16th, Hebei Wave Power Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a wave-tube new evaporative condenser and obtained a national utility model patent. After the product was put on the market, it was welcomed by chemical companies in Jiangxi. It was reported that the heat transfer effect was good and it had the features of water saving and energy saving.

According to reports, in the corrugated tube, the fluid is subjected to vortex centrifugal force for many cycles, and the stagnant layer near the inner wall of the tube becomes thinner, which increases the degree of fluid turbulence. In addition, the corrugated tube itself is thin and can significantly increase heat transfer. coefficient. Outside the corrugated pipe, when spray water is sprayed on the corrugated pipe, the surface area of ​​the corrugated pipe is larger than that of other pipes, and the water film on the surface of the corrugated pipe can also form a turbulence, which increases the heat transfer coefficient. This product uses a large flow, low head, low power pump, upper and lower two-way nozzle and spray branch pipe with a rubber sleeve connected to facilitate disassembly and flushing. In addition, due to the large surface curvature of the corrugated tube, the degree of turbulence is high when the fluid flows on the inner and outer surfaces, dirt is difficult to form and accumulate, the adaptability is strong, the maintenance workload is small, and long-term operation and performance do not decrease.

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