Tesla or replacing the 18650 battery with a new 20700 battery

Tesla or replacing the 18650 battery with a new 20700 battery

According to foreign media reports, Tesla plans to replace the current Panasonic 18650 lithium cobalt oxide battery with a 20700 high performance lithium cobalt oxide battery to improve the performance of the new MODEL 3 car.

Tesla is developing MODEL 3 models, the car is expected to be priced close to half of the current main models MODEL S of about $ 35,000, mileage of about 200 miles (320 kilometers). Tesla CEO Elon Musk said MODEL 3 will compete with the BMW 3 Series . Due to the high weight of the battery, Tesla decided to develop new battery technology to "reduce weight" for the battery system to reduce the weight of the new car.

At present, Tesla mainly uses Panasonic's 18650 lithium cobalt oxide battery, the entire battery pack contains thousands of individual battery cells; the battery costs about 250 US dollars / kilowatt-hour, can provide 233 watt hours / kg of energy density. In the future, Tesla plans to introduce a new 20700 lithium cobalt oxide battery. Although the battery volume is larger (Note: Lithium-ion battery definition law - such as the 18650 type, that is, the battery diameter is 18mm, length is 65mm, 0 represents it is Cylindrical type batteries. The 20700 should represent a 20mm diameter, 70mm length, cylindrical battery) but with an improved chemical composition (electrolyte and electrode) to increase energy density.

Therefore, when the same power requirement is reached, the number of battery modules required is reduced, and the entire battery pack will be reduced in weight. According to Tesla , once the battery energy density reaches 333 watt·h/kg, the overall weight of the Tesla MODEL 3 will be comparable to that of the BMW 3 Series.

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