There are man-made gold mica gold mica (synthetic mica) and natural gold mica, natural mica with dark and light gold mica gold mica. The chemical formula of phlogopite is KMg 3 [AlSi 3 O 10 ][F,OH] 2 . Because it has different physical and chemical properties from Muscovite, it has many special functions and is used in many important fields.
1. The chemical composition of phlogopite

Phlogopite has dark phlogopite (brown or green in various shades) and light-colored phlogopite (light yellow in various shades).
The chemical composition of phlogopite:

Light-colored phlogopite is transparent and has a glassy luster; dark phlogopite is translucent. Glass luster to semi-metallic luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster. The sheet is elastic. Hardness 2 - 3. The proportion is 2.70--2.85. Not conductive. The microscope is colorless or brownish yellow under transmitted light. Pure phlogopite is the superior insulating material in the electrical industry.
2. Physical properties of phlogopite:

3. Characteristics of phlogopite:
The phlogopite is usually yellow, dark brown or black, with a lustrous glass. The cleavage surface is pearl or semi-metallic luster. The phlogopite can be corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and can be decomposed in concentrated sulfuric acid to produce a milky solution. Among the alternatives to potassium are sodium, calcium, and barium; instead of magnesium , there are titanium , Fe, manganese , and chromium ; fluorine replaces OH, and variants of phlogopite include manganese mica, titanium mica, chrome mica, and fluorophlogopite. The featured performance produces a distinctive use.
4. Use of phlogopite:
The industry mainly uses its high electrical insulation and heat resistance, as well as strong acid, alkali, pressure and stripping properties, and is used as an insulating material for electrical equipment and electrical equipment.


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