Basic tasks of material management in industrial enterprises

Basic tasks of material management in industrial enterprises

The basic task of industrial enterprise material management is to ensure the timely, appropriate, appropriate, affordable, complete and economical supply of the production materials required by the enterprise under the guidance of the national plan, and through effective organization and scientific management, economical use of materials, speed up capital turnover, both to meet the needs of production and operation and reduce product costs, enable enterprises to achieve good economic results. Modernization of production technology has increased the complexity of material management. Scientifically and reasonably organizing the supply of materials is a material premise to ensure the normal operation of production and management activities.

Since 2008, QFAP has specialized in research and sells the Powder Metal Products more than 10years.

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 Every year, 300-500 new parts can be developed, and about 3500 tons, 100 million pieces of powder metals parts with iron base, copper base, stainless steel and MIM can be manufactured.

The distribution of the customers is wide in more than 10 countries of USA﹑Germany﹑UK﹑Italy﹑Japan﹑Korea﹑China, etc.. The volume of business increases annually by 30 percent.

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