The world's most reliable five engine brands, are you buying right?

The world's most reliable five engine brands, are you buying right?

Many people who do not understand the car love to ask three results: beautiful or not? Fuel economy is not? Is the launcher durable?

Since you are here, you must ask even more. What is the most reliable and durable engine?

Fundamentally recognized are the above five:


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The rarest is that the 4G63+T series, 4A91T, 4G18M2 and other initiators have almost occupied half of China's own brands. The parameters of the initiators are almost the same, and the defects are not much different.

The advantages are good volatility, high resistance to operation, and high maintenance costs. Therefore, there is a saying that even if your car is open to scrapping, the board will not move. However, it will face such defects as the old technology, the loudness of the initiator, slow power input and so on.



Volvo is not only an automatic "peace" concept, but in reality his originator is also more durable. For example, the "Volvo Drive-E Initiator" carried by the X60 family is often called "The Top Ten Launcher of the Year."



As the originator of the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz is well-known. From the rivers that touched the stones to the famous ones nowadays, Mercedes-Benz is 150 years in the automobile manufacturing industry.

The 150-year history of precipitation precipitated many well-known good cars. According to a survey, only one out of every 119 Mercedes-Benz vehicles had an initiating machine performance, and the rate of defects was as low as 0.84%.



The late Toyota was based on seminars and simulations. As a trustee, he bought a Chevrolet to stop research and trial production. As a result, Toyota's various types of launch machines have evolved, and the Toyota 8A series has become an unforgettable classic.

The advantages are good power, low fuel consumption, low cost, and strong durability. Like the late Xiali 2000, Vizi, Xiali N3 and other models are equipped.



Honda's launcher technology is one of the best among the major car companies. The most famous of these is VTEC system, i-VTEC, and later "Earth Dream" series. High efficiency, durability, and fuel economy are synonymous with it.

According to the survey, Honda has done a good job in initiating machine quality reliability. Only one vehicle per 344 Honda vehicles showed problems with the initiator. The rate of defects was only 0.29%. Some things have to be convinced that our neighbors in the neighbourhood have indeed rejected many of our streets in terms of these technologies.

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