The cause of engine oil deterioration caused by deterioration of engine oil

The cause of engine oil deterioration caused by deterioration of engine oil

The role of oil in the operation of the engine is very important, because the lubrication of the oil reduces the wear of some mechanical components, making the performance of the engine even better. However, the oil will also deteriorate during use, and the deteriorated oil performance will be degraded, which will not protect it properly. On the contrary, it may damage the health of the engine. So what is the cause of the deterioration of the oil?


The change of oil is popular. It is said that the oil contains dust, moisture and other mechanical substances, which cause the chemical trace elements inside to react, resulting in changes in the properties of the original substances in the oil. Generally, the viscosity is degraded, and the technical performance is gradually lost. For example, the lubrication and heat dissipation are much worse than before. The reasons for the deterioration of engine oil generally have the following points:

1, filter failure

The air filter is worn or damaged during use, so that external dust can easily enter the crankcase through the cylinder, resulting in an increase in the viscosity of the oil, which deteriorates the lubricity of the oil; sometimes the oil filter may be blocked to make the engine work. Not normal, causing damage and affecting its service life.

2. The crankcase has poor ventilation and poor heat dissipation. When the diesel engine is working, some combustion gas will enter the crankcase. If the piston ring is seriously damaged, this phenomenon will be more serious, and the air pressure in the crankcase will rise accordingly. If the pressure is higher than the external atmospheric pressure, the piston will be given. The operation brings a certain resistance, which causes the oil to leak outward from the joint of the oil pan and the cylinder block. In addition, the gas leaking into the crankcase contains sulfur dioxide, which promotes rapid deterioration of the oil. To do this, the air pressure in the crankcase must be equal to the outside atmospheric pressure. Some diesel engines are equipped with a snorkel (snorkel), the purpose of which is to make the internal and external pressure of the crankcase in equilibrium. In addition, the acid substances formed by burning oil for a long period of time and diesel combustion, and the gums and oxides generated by the heating of the oil are also the cause of deterioration of the oil.

3, engine water

The most likely cause of deterioration of the oil is the entry of moisture into the oil, which will cause the oil to become an emulsion and destroy the oil film. When the water content exceeds 0.1%, the antioxidant added to the oil, the detergent dispersant, etc., will be ineffective. When the moisture content in the oil reaches 1% or more, the lubricity of the oil will deteriorate, the viscosity will drop, and in serious cases, mechanical accidents such as holding the shaft and burning the tile will be caused.


Deterioration of the engine oil will cause the car's power to drop. To ensure the perfect sporty feeling of the car, you must always pay attention to the quality of the engine oil. The above is the reason for the deterioration of the oil introduced to everyone, remind everyone, always pay attention to the oil condition, and regularly replace the supplement.

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