Successful development of CJ40S cotton combing machine

Successful development of CJ40S cotton combing machine

Shanghai Textile Machinery Factory was formerly known as Shanghai No.1 Machinery Factory. It mainly produces draw frames, strip machines, combing machines, other pre-spinning machines, combing machines, other semi-combed wool and pre-spinning machinery.

Recently, the new generation of digital servo multi-axis drive CJ40S cotton comber independently developed by Shanghai Textile Machinery General Factory has been successfully operated in the field at the test base, which has attracted great attention from domestic and foreign counterparts and experts. It has become the electrical automation product of Pacific Electromechanical Group. New highlights. The new high-speed combing machine with unique electronic cam, multi-axis synchronous operation and bus control technology has a leading position in digitalization.

At present, the combing machine sold in the domestic and international markets is generally driven by the main motor to perform mechanical movement, and the movement of each component is performed. The detaching roller motion is composed of a cam four-link + differential gear train or a multi-link + differential gear train, and the structure is complicated. The separation motion curve and the effective output length cannot be adjusted according to the change of the yarn branch; the motion fit between the nipper plate and the detaching roller is not ideal due to the difference in the cotton fiber and the ratio of the ratio. Under the leadership of Pacific Electromechanical Group, Shanghai Textile Machinery General Factory has experienced the research and development of cotton combing machines for nearly half a century through repeated market research, and with the cooperation of relevant universities and cotton spinning enterprises, bold innovation, application of computers, digitization, The network technology has successfully developed a new generation of servo multi-axis drive cotton comber with high automation, intelligence and digitization. The device uses the servo controller and servo motor of the electronic cam function to replace the original mechanical cam and planetary wheel system. The servo motor directly drives the high-speed operation of the comber separation roller. The virtual electronic cam has high precision and no wear, and can be drawn every cycle. Thousands of points, multiple curves are pre-stored in the controller, and can be easily switched at any time. At the same time, the development process software selects the applicable process method for different types and ratios of cotton yarns, through PCC controller, man-machine interface, The mainframe frequency converter, one servo controller, two closed-loop controlled inverters and encoders form a comber with four-axis synchronous operation, with accurate accuracy, accurate tracking and stable start and stop. The new model takes the lead in using industrial bus control technology to enable a high data exchange speed between the control device and the drive device, realizing an ordinary operator's change of the separation curve and the adjustment of the speed ratio between the master and the slave axes. The man-machine interface can be completed in a few seconds. In addition, the new model also provides an Ethernet interface for upward communication, which facilitates centralized control and management of the entire production line.

The servo multi-axis drive cotton comber is the scientific crystallization generated by the latest design concept of Shanghai Textile Machinery General Factory. Its structure is simple and energy-consuming, the cotton web produced is even, and there is no broken edge to break the net, which not only saves raw cotton, but also improves products. Grade, CV% can be increased by about 20%; the combination of different lengths of cotton fiber can make cotton spinning enterprises respond quickly to market demand. At present, the utility model patent has been authorized, the invention patent has been announced, and the product has been declared to the national "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 Program major project proposal.

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