Siping Hua change user opinion for research topics

Siping Hua change user opinion for research topics

Recently, Siping Shenghua PVC resin has won the title of Famous Brand Product in Jilin Province. As one of the company's leading products, over the years, they have always used the opinions of users as a key research topic in production, optimized the process, and solved the “difficult miscellaneous diseases”, and the quality of products has continuously increased.
The company is the only PVC resin manufacturer in Jilin Province with a 50-year manufacturing history. Over the years, they have treated after-sales service as an important task for corporate management, listening to user opinions, understanding user needs, and conducting quarterly satisfaction. Assessment activities.
For a period of time, users have complained that the product's whiteness and color point cannot meet their production requirements. The PVC plant has taken 16 production problems, such as the gas stripping tower gas flow reforming and the bottom reforming of the polymerizer, as the key issues. The factory director Leng Ming personally took the lead to form a quality research team. After a period of transformation, the product's aging whiteness was increased from the original 74% to 85%, and the superior grade product requirements were achieved. The absorption of 100G plasticizer was increased by less than 20%. To more than 23%, the product first-rate product rate increased from 60% to 99%. Last year, after their scale was increased, the resin production increased from 30,000 tons to 80,000 tons, and the product not only failed to backlog but appeared zero inventory.

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