Several issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing trolley wires

Several issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing trolley wires

Nowadays, the application of the trolley line is becoming more and more widespread, and the manufacturers of trolley lines are also emerging. How the trolley line buyer chooses the line that is most suitable for him when purchasing the trolley line is the most important when purchasing the trolley line. In the following, we will discuss several issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing the trolley wire line by the Shanghai manufacturer of the trolley line. We would like to introduce it to you, in the hope that it will be beneficial to the procurement needs of our customers:

One: Humidity, measure the humidity of the space where you want to install the trolley wire, and look at the humidity of those trolley wires within the allowable range.

Two: pay attention to the working temperature, requiring the high temperature resistance of the trolley wire must be within the scope of compliance.

Third, attention should be paid to indoor or outdoor applications. Many slide wires will have a short life if they are used outdoors.

Four: Corrosion strength, determine whether the corrosion resistance of the slide wire to be purchased is in accordance with.

Five: Pay attention to the size of the installation space, the degree of flexibility, and the extent of space expansion.

6: Is the flow rate within the allowable range, and the voltage is stable. If the long-term voltage is not stable, some slide wires will easily cause scorching marks on the slide wire.

Seven: Pay attention to the running speed of the trolley line. This is the key. If the operating speed is too fast, it is easy to make the machine malfunction.

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