Hubei Shiyan City sanitation vehicle equipped with GPS

Hubei Shiyan City sanitation vehicle equipped with GPS

Under the command of the monitoring center, the garbage transfer vehicle will “point” wherever it is located to ensure that the collection and transportation of garbage is continuously performed. On January 18, 2011, the reporter learned from the Sanitation Department of Shiyan City that the Department has installed a GPS satellite positioning system on 97 sanitation vehicles in the urban area to implement informatization supervision on garbage transfer operations.

On January 18th, the reporter saw the electronic command platform for sanitation vehicles at the Sanitation Department of the Municipality. On an electronic map of the city, it was densely marked with garbage receiving points and garbage transfer stations in the city.

“The car on the map is grayed out and indicates that the car is in the off state. The blue car means the car is charged and parked, and the car turns green to indicate that the car is running.” According to the staff, each working vehicle is also equipped with a GPS phone. In the event of an emergency, the command center can call and talk with the driver at any time, according to the real-time location of each car, emergency rescue and reasonable scheduling.

According to reports, in the past, once the sanitation truck got on the road, it was difficult to control the running status of the vehicle at the first time. After installing the GPS, all the location, travel status, travel path, and speed of the sanitation vehicles can be easily mastered through the electronic command platform. "Like a garbage shelter in a certain area, garbage trucks don't have to go when they go, or the car's working hours are 'slip away' or speeding. You just need to click the mouse to know." The staff introduced.

It is understood that the size of the GPS device is equivalent to two cigarette packs and can retain "memory" for several months. When a battery or oil is stolen or the vehicle is hijacked, the vehicle will automatically stop the oil, power outage, and alert the monitoring center. It was the first time in Shiyan City that GPS was installed on the sanitation trucks.

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