How to deal with haze masks most "short-lived"

How to deal with haze masks most "short-lived"

Not only in the north, but in many areas, the entire city has been surrounded by fog and fog, walking on the street, and wearing busy masks to protect. There are PM2.5 masks for smog production, medical masks, plastic masks, etc. What kind of mask can be better to prevent the harm of smog? There are also many friends around, wearing the same kind of mask from Monday to Friday. No change. Is this okay?

Common PM2.5 masks, you will certainly not unfamiliar with it, such masks According to experts, can only be protected for 2 days, to be replaced on the third day, wearing such a closed mask, in the car or The mask should be taken on the subway. If you wear it for a long time, you may suffer from hypoxia. To avoid what should not happen, you should know how to do it. For different mask replacement frequency, for cotton masks, it should be changed frequently to protect the mouth and respiratory tract.

For the severe haze more friends will choose filter PM2.5 masks, because their own filter function, can more effectively prevent haze invasion, this type of mask compared to the use without filter The number of days will be longer. Generally, the best use period is about 8 days. Therefore, if you are in trouble for office workers, you can choose this one. The best advantage of this type of mask is that because the filter is disposable, it can also be used as a naked eye. You see, if you can see the swag on the filter, you know how serious the smog is to us. This is how important it is to wear a mask. The most important thing is to see The stolen goods should be replaced in time. Otherwise, the effect is reversed.

For medical masks, the best protection time is within 4 hours. For disposable masks, choose to use it in a hazy day. When wearing such a mask, it is also necessary to take care to tighten the upper part of the nose flap and the mask to avoid inhaling haze particles from the inner layer. In the hazy days, I do not recommend using this type of mask.

Wearing cotton masks is not uncommon on the street. The best thing about this type of mask is that there is no prescription for protection time. We only need to wash it every day. I would recommend a double-layer cotton mask to cope with the haze effect. better.

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