High-point 5 (02) star atmospheric environment detection load passed the positive design review

High-point 5 (02) star atmospheric environment detection load passed the positive design review

[ China Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On March 19th, the atmospheric environment detection load of the high score No. 5 (02) star developed by the Anguang Institute of Hefei, Chinese Academy of Sciences - atmospheric aerosol multi-angle polarization detector (DPC-II), Atmospheric trace gas differential absorption spectrometer (EMI-II), atmospheric main greenhouse gas monitor (GMI-II) and high-precision polarization scanner (POSP) four loads in Hefei through the overall unit Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. The sample design review organized by the project office.

The high score No. 5 (02) star is a follow-up model of the high score No. 5 satellite. The DPC-II, EMI-II, GMI-II and POSP developed by Anguang are the main components of the satellite for atmospheric environment detection. Loads, among which DPC-II, EMI-II and GMI-II are mature products, and POSP is a newly developed product.
POSP targets are atmospheric fine particles, aerosols/clouds, water vapor, etc., with multiple working channels from the ultraviolet to short-wave infrared spectrum, with multi-spectral full polarization detection capability, and can be combined with atmospheric aerosol multi-angle polarization detectors. Detection, fusion of surface data transmission and polarization data, obtaining high-precision polarization detection data of atmospheric aerosols, providing a wide range of aerosol conventional monitoring data and fine particle inversion basic input data for air quality monitoring and large-scale long-term climate change Research provides data support. These four atmospheric environmental detection loads can accurately and quantitatively monitor the temporal and spatial distribution information of atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric trace gases, atmospheric greenhouse gases and other pollutants, which will contribute to further improve the quantification and refinement level of atmospheric remote sensing monitoring in China.
While DPC-II, EMI-II and GMI-II fully inherit the mature technology of the high-grade No.5 (01) star model, they are also optimized in design to improve product performance and reliability. Among them, DPC-II realizes the polarization crossfire function with POSP.
From March 15th to 16th, the satellite generally reviewed the four-load positive design data package and determined that it had the conditions for a positive design review. On March 19th, after formal review, the experts confirmed that the technical status of the four loads was clear, the design was reasonable and feasible, and the functional and performance design results met the requirements of the correct development task book, and agreed to pass the review.
The experts of the judging panel are composed of more than ten experts from the Satellite Environment Application Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Satellite Meteorological Center, and the Space Satellite Application Center of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.
(Original title: High score 5 (02) star atmospheric environment detection load passed the positive design review)

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