How to properly use the battery of kitchen garbage truck

How to properly use the battery of kitchen garbage truck

When the meal kitchen garbage truck in use after a certain period of time, it will lead to the occurrence of loss of electricity situation, which so many drivers feel very strange. Because they did not understand why their food waste car why is there such a situation, in fact, and these are their driving habits have a great relationship, if and when the operation using food kitchen garbage truck, way There is a lot of misunderstandings in the methods, so you will know that the vehicle battery has lost power.


1, when every time you start the meal kitchen garbage truck engine must not exceed three seconds. If you start the vehicle engine for the first time and fail, don't worry too much and start again after dinner. At this time, the frequent start of the kitchen garbage truck engine will directly cause the vehicle battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge. It is recommended that you should start the engine every time you restart the kitchen garbage truck engine. Interval to about 5 seconds.

2. When turning off the kitchen garbage truck, some drivers’ eyes are relatively large and often forget to turn off some of the lights in the car. This is also what many new drivers will often commit. error. Then the battery of the vehicle will be depleted at any time under the consumption of such a long time, then the garbage truck cannot be started. If there is a loss in the battery of the vehicle, the battery can be charged and discharged under conditional conditions. If the battery power remains constant and does not charge, then it is necessary to take into account the need to replace the battery. When driving the kitchen garbage truck, it is not possible to turn on the electrical equipment before the vehicle is started, and a small amount of the electronic equipment on the vehicle is used during the process of the vehicle traveling.

3. Sixty-seven percent of the drivers will develop a common fault, that is, they will not turn off the air conditioner before turning off the vehicle, but will turn off the air conditioner when the garbage truck turns off. After the kitchen garbage truck was opened, air conditioning was turned on immediately. Under such conditions of use, there is only one bad result, that is, the power load of the kitchen garbage truck will be directly reduced to an excessively high value. Under such a long-term operation mode, the kitchen garbage truck will be destroyed. The battery life will not be long.

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