How to Drive a Motor Home Safely

How to Drive a Motor Home Safely

Before you drive in a motorized vehicle, you must make a safe “full-body check” for the inhabited vehicle. The most important place is that the air intake, throttle, and injectors are used for cleaning because these three components are to be used. After cleaning, it is possible to clean up the carbon deposits in the vehicle's combustion chamber while driving at a high speed in the residential vehicle. This will increase the power of the vehicle and save fuel consumption. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the belt of the next-generation home car has cracks, whether the flatness of the brake disc is good, and whether the thickness of the brake disc of the brake system is normal.


Need to promptly check whether the tire has cracks. When the temperature is relatively low, driving and driving, the tires of the vehicle will become relatively fragile and hard, which will affect the friction coefficient of the tire. When a hard object is relatively easy, it will cause a tying of the tire, so it is also necessary to remove the impurities that are trapped in the tread. When it is found that there is a crack in the root position of the driving home vacuum nozzle, it must be replaced immediately.

In addition to the purchase of the TAC, the long-term travel needs of the traveling insurance should also be the vehicle insurance factory commercial insurance, vehicle damage insurance, as well as glass insurance and personnel insurance on board and so on.

Before driving to live in Habitat, you also need to check the day-to-day equipment for your trip. For example, you need to have ready-to-use equipment such as spare light bulbs, tow ropes, tire repair tools, jacks, fuses, large lines for start-ups, and escape hammers. If there is no understanding of the route and condition of the tour, it is necessary to install on-board navigation.

It is also necessary to make a seal and a protective coating before driving to travel. This will increase the strength of the vehicle's paint surface and protect the paint from damage. And after returning from the tour, it is necessary to do a polishing treatment for the traveling residence so that the oxides on the paint can be removed and the hardness and brightness of the paint can be restored.

It is also necessary to clean up the interior of each apartment after each tour, so as to eliminate the bacteria contained in the compartment. For example, in the door liner, steering wheel, seat, instrument panel can use a dedicated multi-purpose cleaning agent to clean, and then do a high-temperature disinfection work for the traveling home.

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