CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)

CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)

  • Model NO.: SPG400D
  • Pressure Supply Type: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Steel in Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Trademark: AMCO
  • Specification: CE
  • Structure: Horizontal
  • Max Capacity in Diameter: 1200mm
  • Aluminum in Thickness: 6mm
  • Transport Package: Iron Pallet
  • Origin: Shaanxi Xi′an
CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)
CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)

Process: CNC Spinning
Diameter for Raw Material: Max1250mm
Thickness: Max Carbon-Steel 3.5mm
Spinning Material: Aluminum, Copper, Carbon-Steel, etc.
Control Software: Siemens 828D CNC
Feed Device: Servo-Motor: Siemens 1FK7*4 series, Drivers: S120 series(Produced in Germany)
Main Shaft: 50kw Siemens 440 Series Frequency Converter, Variable Frequency Motor
Tailstock: Hydraulic cylinder controlled stretch and withdraw, Travel: 350mm
Slider: Linear Slide + Ball Screw(ABBA)

Technical Parameter:
Pushing force 50kN
X Axial Displacement 180mm
Z Axial Displacement 2000mm
X, Z speed max 8m/min
Servo Power for X&Z Axis 16nm
Axial Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm
Repeat Accuracy 0.02mm
Hydraulic Station Power 3.75KW
Machine weight: 5600kgs
CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)
CNC Metal Spinning Machine (SPG400D)

Industrial Communication Device Connector Aluminum Die Casting Features:.

For its good plasticity, corrosion resistance and lightweight of aluminum alloys, this type of metal material is widely used in Communication and Digital, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields. With the development of China`s manufacturing industry, the demand for the aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy castings is increasing, which will push forward aluminum casting industry.

 â€¢   Good surface finish, general reach Ra6.3 even Ra1.6.

 â€¢   Can not be heat treated.

 â€¢   High gas tightness, high strength and surface hardness, but low elongation.
 â€¢   The mold cost is higher, but long serving life.
 â€¢   High production efficiency.
 â€¢   Can produce thin wall parts, little machining allowance.

Industrial Communication Device Connector

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